Bonne brooms: a brand steeped in history

Schwarze Industries Australia’s Bonne range of brooms are reliable, durable and versatile additions to any civil or road construction site, and they have the reputation to prove it.With bright yellow colouring and a sturdy exterior, a Bonne broom is easily recognisable in the Australian road and civil sector.

The Australia-made industrial sweepers have been tried and tested in Australian conditions for years, and are an integral asset to many civil construction sites.

Specialist sweeper experts Schwarze Industries Australia acquired the Bonne suite of products more than a decade ago, and has been supplying the country’s market with the trusted trailer and tractor brooms since.

Bonne brooms are ideal for clearing a site of millings, debris and other excess material resulting from civil and road construction.

Manufacturing out of its Queensland facility, Schwarze supplies the Bonne range of brooms to councils, contractors, and road construction and maintenance companies across the nation.

The Bonne SE6T trailer broom is the heavy lifter in the range, and, according to Schwarze Industries Australia National Sales Manager Anthony Briggs, the ideal model for many civil construction sites across the country.

“It’s a well-regarded and well-respected product in the industry. The major upside of the Bonne brooms is that they stand the test of time,” he says.

The SE6T trailer broom can be towed by any variety of road vehicles with a towing capability. The tow hitch is adjustable to suit a range of towbar heights for utilities, trucks and tractors.

With two metres of sweep width and an 860-millimetre diameter poly, steel or polysteel mix brush, the SE6T is designed with flexibility and reliability in mind.

“You’ll often see a lot of sites where civil companies are using a smaller skid-steer with a broom attached to it, but they’re forever having to change attachments,” says Mr. Briggs.

He explains that smaller attachments on these units often require multiple passes of an area, while the SE6T’s 2-metre sweep width, attached to a truck, tractor or utility vehicle, handles the job in fewer passes.

The Bonne SE6T model contains a powerful 25.2-horsepower Kohler diesel engine and is a highly efficient machine on site. Its remote operator controls also make it user-friendly and a versatile machine in the civil construction arena.

Schwarze offers a comprehensive after sale service, as well as a recent offer of no financials with 24-hour approval.

The company’s team of fully trained mobile service technicians is on-hand to assist customers out in the field, nationwide.

Mr. Briggs asserts that the success of the Bonne range of brooms comes down to the machine’s durability and longevity, even after years in the field.

“We’ve got customers that have the same unit for the past 15-20 years because they stand the test of time – they don’t often need replacing,” he says. “They’re robust and built to a spec, not a price.”

With little maintenance required, besides the replacement of the brush every now and then, Mr. Briggs says the SE6T is an ideal one-off investment for any civil contractor looking to take their on-site management to the next level.

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