Calendar of Events

11th Annual South Australian Major Projects Conference 2018

24-07-2018 / / 2 Days

Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, SA, Australia

The 11th Annual South Australian Major Projects Conference will be held on the 24-25 July 2018 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. In its 11th year running, this event continues to be the largest major projects and infrastructure conference in the State, attracting over 200 delegates.

With a once-in-a generation infrastructure investment of $12.1 billion towards the delivery of major infrastructure projects for the state, the South Australian Major Projects Conference provides the perfect platform to get the latest project updates in addition to offering plentiful networking opportunities.

While South Australia recovers from an adjusting economy, the state government and industry bodies are looking to build a stronger infrastructure landscape, in order to future proof the economy. Although local manufacturing has undergone an overhaul, there are new areas of growth for the State in the sectors of defence, advanced manufacturing, tourism, food and wine and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Notable among these would be the Defence sector, where the Future Submarines Program is expected to provide a huge economic boost and generate jobs. Likewise, South Australia will reap the fiscal benefits of a boost in the tourism industry.

3rd ACT Major Projects Conference 2018

28-08-2018 / / 2 Days

Hyatt Hotel Canberra, ACT

Over recent years, a raft of important infrastructure projects have taken form within the ACT, highlighting the territory’s potential to transform into a thriving, community-minded, and sustainable hub.

The ACT Major Projects Conference returns for its third year, allowing experts and policymakers from the government and private sectors to provide key updates on these projects, in order to outline how the ACT can further develop into a prosperous territory, while efficiently adapting to an increasing population.

In 2017, the ACT Government committed over $2.9 billion to their Infrastructure Investment Program, promising new facilities and services, a growing economy, and a plethora of employment opportunities. An estimated $70 million in infrastructure upgrades for its education facilities, and $53 million for Stage 2 of Canberra’s Light Rail train network particularly signifies that ACT’s transformation is well underway.

This event allows attendees to be informed and updated on the ACT’s most important major projects, and provides a platform from which to make important professional connections and partnerships. Join us at the ACT Major Projects Conference to explore how these major projects will be delivered to ensure the continued economic growth of the ACT.

6th Annual Australia Smart Lighting Summit 2018

11-09-2018 / / 2 Days

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Running for the sixth year in a row, the 2018 Australian Smart Lighting Summit will bring participants the latest news on urban, street, public and outdoor lighting from across the industry. Annually attracting over 150 delegates, this year’s summit will provide over 35 Australian and international-based speakers the platform to present on and discuss the technological innovations, long-term sustainability and implementation surrounding exterior lighting.

This year’s summit, being held on the 11th & 12th September at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, has been tailored to reflect an all-inclusive range of topics prevalent to public lighting; including but not limited to, human centric lighting, funding opportunities, connected lighting, smart pole technology, sustainability and street light replacements.

Participating in this distinguishable lighting event allows delegates the opportunity to network with industry peers while exploring the aesthetically pleasing, architecturally sound and visually captivating lighting technologies on show for the duration of the summit.

With keynote presentations covering intelligent street lighting, sustainable lighting retrofitting and the ever-expanding Internet of Things, the Australian Smart Lighting Summit is once again the lighting industry’s must-see event.

2018 Engineering Technology Forum

18-09-2018 / / 3 Days

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane

How will transport change in the next 30 years? How will technology evolve to support it?

Join the conversation as we tackle these questions and more at the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ 2018 Engineering Technology Forum.

This year’s theme, ‘Transport for the future‘, will cover a range of topics, including transformative technologies, global trends and future opportunities. Bringing together departmental specialists, engineering researchers, practitioners and industry from a range of disciplines, the 2018 ET Forum will offer a program of innovative and interactive presentations designed to ignite discussion and build networks.

Join us at the 2018 Engineering Technology Forum and take part in the conversation – the future is listening.

4th Annual Digital Disruption for Government Summit 2018

26-09-2018 / / 2 Days

Sydney, Australia

The Digital Disruption for Government Conference is set to return in 2018 on the 26th – 27th September 2018 to provide all levels of government with strategies to ensure their digital economy transformation will be a success.

The strategies that the summit will focus on will include:

1. Building a better relationship with citizens which will inform the provision of an enhanced citizen experience
2. Creating a Digital Strategy which is capable of responding and adapting to changing citizen requirements and expectations regardless of digital maturity and budget
3. Evolving in-house digital competency to be capable of successful digital transformation

Early speakers have been confirmed, including:

  • Cat Matson, Chief Digital Officer, Brisbane
  • Peter Alexander, Chief Digital Officer, Digital Transformation Agency
  • Christopher Norman, Chief Information Officer, ACT Government
  • Dr. Ian Opperman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Data Scientist, Data Analytics Centre
  • Darren Whitelaw, Chief Customer Officer, Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet

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