Contract awarded for $35.5 million bridge works in NT

Bridge replacement works will begin at Big Horse and Little Horse Creeks on the Victoria Highway, near Timber Creek, following the naming of the successful contractor.The contract to deliver the $35.5 million bridge replacement projects at Big Horse and Little Horse Creeks on the Victoria Highway in the Northern Territory has been awarded.

Northern Territory business Allan King & Sons Construction will deliver two new raised bridges on the highway, near Timber Creek, about 300 kilometres west of Katherine.

The project aims to strengthen the Victoria Highway between Western Australia and the Northern Territory, which is the only sealed link between Perth and Darwin and an important freight corridor for both regions.

The contractor will replace the existing bridges at Big Horse and Little Horse Creeks with structures compliant with 1-in-20-year flood immunity standards, consistent with other crossings along the Victoria Highway.

Northern Territory Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Nicole Manison said the new bridges would replace the existing crossings with higher structures, along with raised road approaches and culverts at low points to minimise the impact of flooding.

“The project design will also improve safety and connectivity around the new bridges by upgrading the intersections linking access roads to the Big Horse Creek boat ramp and the Bradshaw Field Training Area,” Ms. Manison said.

“This tender award is a major step forward for the project, which has an expected completion due in late 2018.”

The Australian Government has committed $20.01 million to the project under the National Highway Upgrade Program in partnership with the Northern Territory Government, which is contributing $15.49 million.

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