Contractor announced to deliver new $30M bridge over Bow River, WA

The Western Australian Government has signed off on $30.79 million in funding for the bridge in the Kimberly and announced the successful tenderer for the project.

The Western Australian Government has signed off on $30.79 million in funding for a new bridge over the Bow River in the Kimberly region of Western Australia, and announced the successful tenderer for the project

BMD Constructions will deliver the works on the Great Northern Highway, as part of the Australian Government’s $600 million Northern Australia Roads Programme.

Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester said in a statement the Great Northern Highway is the only sealed road between the Port of Broome and Darwin, making it a critical freight and tourist route for the region.

“The Bow River Bridge and approaches project will replace the existing low-level single bridge with a new 260 metre long two-lane bridge on a new alignment,” he said.

“Building a new bridge and fixing the approaches means the road will be able to stay open during a 1-in-50 year flood, giving freight carriers, locals and tourists the confidence to use the highway all year round.”

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said the existing bridge regularly flooded during the wet season, cutting the road and creating delays for freight operators.

“The existing bridge has deteriorated because of regular flooding, making it unreliable and dangerous for all drivers. Our investment is going to make a huge difference and ensure businesses can reliably get their product from point A to point B so they can turn a dollar,” Mr. Joyce said.

“Works will include sealing 2.5 kilometres either end of the bridge to create a wider two-lane approach, building high level road embankments and guide banks at bridge abutments, getting rid of the old bridge and building a new vehicle rest area.”

According to the statement, construction is expected to start in early-2018 and be completed by late-2018, weather permitting.

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