New pics give before and after birds-eye view of major Sydney projects

New images captured by aerial imagery company Nearmap reveal the progress being made on extensive infrastructure developments across Sydney, including WestConnex, Sydney Light Rail and Sydney Metro.

“Sydney is in a period of incredible flux. The rapid progress made on these transport projects shows just how quickly the NSW state government is moving to prepare for Sydney’s rising population,” said Rob Newman, CEO at Nearmap.

“Effective planning is essential during this phase of construction. Nearmap’s high resolution images will be important to help governments organisations and businesses plan and monitor these projects and communicate with local communities.”

Cherrybrook Station (May 2013).
Cherry brook Station, Sydney Metro (May 2013).
Cherry brook Station, Sydney Metro (March 2017)
Homebush M4, WestConnex Jan 2016
Homebush M4, WestConnex (January 2016)
Homebush M4, WestConnex Feb 2017
Homebush M4, WestConnex (February 2017)

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