Oh, what a night

The Australian precast concrete industry gathered for a very special event in November – to celebrate 25 years of the National Precast Concrete Association.On Thursday 10 November, leaders of the Australian precast concrete industry came together to commemorate 25 years of its national industry body, National Precast Concrete Association.

At a black tie dinner held at Sydney’s Opera House, the precast industry celebrated the achievements of the sector, some of the projects it has supplied and the people who contributed along the way. They were joined by their colleagues from New Zealand and other industry dignitaries.

Precast has long been recognised as a long-lasting, durable and sustainable solution, offering the construction industry high quality offsite manufactured products that are used in the construction of both buildings and civil projects. From walling and flooring to beams, columns, lift shafts and stairs in the buildings space, to civil elements like bridge beams, pipes, culverts, road safety barriers and noise walls, evidence of precast is all around.

Manufactured in purpose-built factories, it improves site safety, minimises labour and waste and speeds construction to deliver time savings as high as 30 per cent in some cases.

Members of National Precast lead the field in supplying high quality products to the industry. With their track records having been thoroughly checked before being allowed to join, they excel when it comes to quality of product, manufacturing facilities, quality and safety systems, financial status and compliance with codes and standards.

Leaders in the industry were acknowledged at the recent celebrations, with founding members, past presidents and key contributors being awarded Certificates of Meritorious Service. Special recognition was also given to two founding board members who are still on the board today.

The acknowledgements included:

Past Presidents: John Burke (founding member), Godfrey Smith (founding member), Carol Beresford (founding member), Claude Pincin, Gavin Stollery, Alan Morrison, Peter Healy, Leo Valente, Brent Hardy, Richard Carr and current president Craig Zinn, not to forget Ian Coulter and Matt Perrella who have been on the board since National Precast’s inception and are still serving today.

Other industry contributors who were awarded: Brian Mallon, Peter Webb and John Woodside. Barry Crisp and Brian Stevens were also both acknowledged for their contributions to the industry.

Ivor Jones and Bob Attwater, who have sadly passed, were also recognised for their efforts.

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