Sumitomo J-Paver series incorporates innovative ‘triple screed’

Australian Sumitomo distributor Track Pads Australia is giving contractors around the country the opportunity to add the innovative J-Series asphalt paver to their fleet.Sumitomo asphalt pavers are designed and manufactured with high performance, easy operation and cost and time savings in mind.

The versatile range of Japanese-built machinery has consistently been seen as a top-quality product.

Its latest J-Series asphalt paver model is finding a solid market in Australia thanks to some thinking “outside the box” and a world first.

“A lot of paving machines out there are all going the same way in regards to innovation and capability, but the main unique feature of the Sumitomo J-Paver is its triple screed,” explains Paul Kerr, General Manager of Sales, Machinery, Spare Parts and Service at Track Pads Australia, Australian Sumitomo J-Paver Series distributor.

The Sumitomo J-Paver screed can be freely extended from 2.3 metres to six metres without any bolt-on extension screed.

Mr. Kerr says that no other paver out there has this capability and it is considered a “world first” in asphalt construction machinery.

Available in both Wheel and Crawler-type models, the J-Series paver uses a new frame structure that drastically improves rigidity, which means the screed can be adjusted to 2.3, 4.5 and six metres.

“It’s an 8-foot paver and a 10-foot paver in one machine,” says Mr. Kerr. “A lot of customers these days will have both an 8-foot and a 10-foot paver in their fleet but they don’t need two machines if they have the one Sumitomo J-Series Paver.”

Sumitomo engineers, who had been involved with “conventional” screed designs from the late 1950s, took a fresh look at old models and sought a “triple screed” solution when designing the J-Series Pavers.

The machines are easily transported and can be loaded onto a 2.5-metre-wide trailer and start paving without having to assemble the screed.

Mr. Kerr says this also means the job is less physically labour-intensive as there’s no need to assemble the attachment or its heavy extension boxes.

The power system, a combination of an intelligent ISUZU engine and Sumitomo’s cutting-edge technology and the model’s eco-mode, delivers high work efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Sumitomo’s STV compaction system utilises an adjustable “strike-off”, which guides the asphalt mixture smoothly under the screed. The “tamper” and “vibrator” then achieve a strong and even compaction for pavements with superior densities and a smooth finished surface. When a difference in surface height occurs between front and rear screeds, the extendable screed height can be adjusted at just the flick of a switch.

The system design also incorporates an automatic screed lock, screed assist and the option of an anti-climb lock.

With a low decibel noise level, the new J-Series Pavers run smoothly and quietly, making them ideal for night works in residential areas.

The Sumitomo J-Series Pavers are designed with operator ease of use in mind. The colour monitor provides a simple but comprehensive control system that gives the operator complete overview of system diagnostics during paving.

“The pavers have good all-around system design so that if something fails the controls can be easily overridden and the machine stopped,” says Mr. Kerr.

The J-Series Pavers are also easy to maintain. By simply opening the cover, crew members can easily undertake oil and grease checks and filter changes as well as other maintenance jobs.

The series’ unique range of optional attachments makes it a popular choice for contractors looking for versatility in their asphalt pavers.

Sumitomo’s asphalt fume ventilation system helps to make working operations safe and more comfortable. After the air cools the radiator, the system blows the fumes away from the hopper. The hydraulic fan then draws fumes away from the area between tractor and screed. Other options include a camera, shovel hook, electric heating and folding type side plates.

For information on Sumitomo’s J-Series pavers, contact Track Pads Australia.

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