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$150M locked in for QLD marine precinct expansion

$150M locked in for QLD Marine Precinct expansion
$150M locked in for QLD Marine Precinct expansion
Image courtesy of the Queensland Government.

The Queensland Government has announced a $150 million commitment for a major expansion to the Cairns Marine Precinct that will enable the maintenance, repair and overhaul of more and larger ships.

The Queensland Government’s $150 million funding commitment is in addition to a separate $30 million investment in the Cairns Marine Precinct which included $2 million for the development of the Detailed Business Case and $28 million for new infrastructure.

This includes two wharves which will expand capacity to carry out in-water maintenance on vessels used by the Australian Defence Force and Australian Border Force.

The Queensland Government will invest half the cost of a new Common User Facility at the precinct that will include a 5000-tonne shiplift, allowing ships of up to 120 metres in length to be repaired and maintained on hardstand areas.

Construction of the Common User Facility will aim to open up significant opportunities for industry to pursue new business opportunities, increase capabilities and create additional skilled jobs throughout the supply chain. The Cairns Marine Precinct Detailed Business Case, finalised in December 2021, recommended an investment in a Cairns Common User Facility.

The expansion will upgrade Queensland’s only operational Navy base, during increasing geopolitical uncertainty in the Indo-Pacific region.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the expansion would allow Cairns to capture larger defence and maritime contracts.

“Cairns is the leading maintenance, repair and overhaul destination for defence and recreational vessels, including superyachts, across Australia,” The Premier said. “Expanding the Cairns Marine Precinct with a Common User Facility will ensure Cairns can keep up with demand and continue to remain a world leader in maritime manufacturing and repairs.

Advance Cairns chairman Nick Trompf welcomed the State’s commitment saying that upgrading the marine precinct is one of the top priorities for the advocacy and economic development group.

“Our three shipyards are heavily booked, sometimes months in advance. Investment in the proposed common user facility will enable a step-change in capabilities, enabling the dry-docking of multiple large vessels simultaneously,” Trompf said.

To view the business case, click here.



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