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AAPA forms National Technology and Leadership Committee

Research and development into future technologies for Australia’s Flexible Pavements industry has a new direction under AAPA’s NTLC.

AAPA National Technology and Leadership CommitteeIn early 2015, the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) formed a National Leadership & Technology Committee (NTLC), in a move to strengthen its technology leadership position in the flexible pavement area across Australia.

The AAPA board appointed a committee of nationally recognised members from the industry to guide the flexible pavements industry.

“The task ahead for the committee is to articulate a national industry direction for implementable research and development,” the AAPA said in a statement. “The development of an agenda that drives better outcomes to deliver smoother, safer and well-maintained roads will be of benefit to the entire community.”

The AAPA said that the NTLC will work to elevate the status of flexible pavement practical research, and act a reference group for the industry to provide a focal point for future advances in materials technology, plant and equipment advances and design process evolution.

In its first meeting, the NTLC endorsed the industry prepared draft AUSTROADS design guide addendum for Perpetual Pavements. This draft uses the new concept of a fatigue endurance limit to determine the full depth asphalt pavement thickness in a freeway environment.

“Every State Road Authority will realise benefits from the use of this design methodology,” the AAPA stated.

NTLC Members include:

  • Rob McGuire (Chair), Boral
  • Bevan Sullivan, Fulton Hogan
  • Warren Carter, Downer
  • Trevor Distin, Boral
  • Azeem Remtulla, SAMI Bitumen
  • Richard Fulton, Fulton Hogan
  • Ricky Nugent, Colas Australia
  • Nigel Preston, Viva Energy
  • Stuart Dack, BP Bitumen

The AAPA stated that its CEO Michael Caltabiano convenes the committee’s work that will “enliven the technology focus for the Association and provide a new level of input to the Austroads process and guide the flexible pavement industry involvement with broader construction sector”.

“The NTLC will provide a true focus on innovation, lifting Australian standards and practices to be the best in the world in a way that delivers value for money outcomes and enshrines a culture of encouragement and excellence in delivery,” the AAPA said.

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