AFPA Member Profile: Andrew Hayes – Harsco Environmental

Andrew Hayes, General Manager, Harsco Environmental.

In each magazine issue, Roads & Infrastructure profiles a member of the Australian Flexible Pavement Association (AfPA). In the June issue we speak to Andrew Hayes, General Manager of Harsco Environmental.

Q: How long have you/your company been an AfPA member and why did you decide to become one?

A: Harsco has been a member for 3 years and joined as a gateway for highlighting our recycled materials that are ideal for use in asphalt for road safety by building a network with asphalt contractors both big and small.

Q: How did you start your career in the road construction industry?

A: My career is actually in steel making, where I have worked for over 38 years. Ten years ago, Harsco, as leaders in solutions and value add synergies for recycling by-products from the steel industry, we decide to utilise the global expertise available within the company instead of sending these materials to land fill.

Q: What is your current role and what does it involve?

A: I have been General Manager of Harsco Environmental for 14 years and based in Laverton. We are a steel mill service provider company providing various services to the steel manufacturer. I oversee the management team and aggregate business and enjoy working with the leaders and customers from both businesses, especially looking at new opportunities and challenges, as well as working with government regulatory bodies in finding new recycling solutions of our materials, on top of what we have in place.

Q: What is the best thing about your current role?

A: The people are definitely the highlight for me! Regardless of who they are, what level or position they hold in a business; it’s the interaction and enthusiasm they show to be involved in new ideas that can make a difference to our or their business, especially as the last 12 months have taken a terrible toll on a number of industries and businesses across Australia.

Q: What is your biggest achievement in the industry?

A: I think my longevity and being involved in the various roles within this business and being a part of driving change to not only make our  service or product better but also safer for its intended end use/user but also more diversified.

Q: What is a recent change you have seen in the industry and how are you/the company prepared for that?

A: Any business needs to be competitive and the last 12 months through this pandemic has seen various opportunities arise, due to reduced imports and a push for locally made products, but customers are also demanding even more bang for their dollar, which is understandable, as competition ramps up.

Q: What do you think is most interesting about the road construction industry?

A: Innovation and product development piqued my interest during the years of being involved with road construction customer/companies and continues to do so.

Q: How has being a member of AfPA benefitted you in the industry?

A: Developing relationship and improving our wider network with likeminded people/companies has been a real positive from our membership.

Q: What are your goals for the future?

I want to continue to grow our aggregates business and am keen to further develop our high friction/skid resistant surfacing in continuing to improve road safety across Victorian black spots; in which we have worked closely with government regulatory authorities for several years now.

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