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Alpha’s Onsite+ Drill making vibrations in construction

Alpha’s Onsite+ Drill making vibrations in construction

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Motion is excited to share Alpha’s newest innovation, the Alpha Onsite+ Step Tip Drill! We all know that tradies are usually strapped for time and are always searching for onsite solutions that’ll help get the job done quicker.

Well, the team at Alpha have developed a solution that is sure to save time onsite.

The Alpha Onsite+ Step Tip Drill range is designed for builders, construction workers, plumbers, and electricians who need a drill that can handle the toughest jobs. Made for an impact driver, you can be sure that these drill bits will provide the power and precision to get the job done right.

The unique step tip design is what sets Alpha’s new drills apart, drilling faster, reducing heat and staying sharper for longer. The 135-degree split point cuts faster and reduces wander, allowing customers to drill six times faster than a regular jobber drill.

To tackle these challenges head on, Alpha’s new Onsite+ Step Tip Drill is the ideal solution. This product is perfectly designed for any hard-working tradie that just wants a fast, no-fuss job, not to mention an early knock-off.

This product is guaranteed to drill six times faster than the market standard, stay sharper for longer with its unique step tip design, and create the perfect, burr-free hole. This product has been expertly engineered out of fully ground Premium M2 HSS, and is ideal for a wide range of materials, including steel wood, plastic, and stainless steel.

In addition to its rugged design, the added benefit of no drill jamming or binding means workers can get the job done safer, easier and in record time.

Putting the drill to the test

Alpha’s team of experts have put the Onsite+ Step Tip Drill (10.0mm) to the ultimate test, comparing it to a competitor’s equivalent (10.0mm) using an 18V drill (non-impact) on an eight millimetre steel plate.

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