ARRB releases local government road asset management guidelines

The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) has released four free best practice guides for the local government engineering industry.

Looking at road asset management the guides focus on four areas; road materials, unsealed roads, sealed roads and bridge management.

The guides aim to assist local government organisations across the country to apply a consistent approach to standards and practices.

Advice in the best practice material guide includes information around the management of road materials to achieve both a sustainable and cost effective outcome. It focuses on the understanding and management of road materials in relation to pavement design, construction, management and operation.

The unsealed road guide provides practical advice for local road practitioners to better understand the management of sealed roads. The document compiles the best practice knowledge and the latest methods of asset management, pavement design procedures, construction and operations for unsealed roads.

For sealed road design the guide consolidates background knowledge of the most up to date methods for pavement design procedures, developments in road surfacing technology and road building practices for sealed local roads in urban, rural and remote areas around Australia. This particular guide focuses on pavement management requirements and addresses the main topics of design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation.

The bridge management guide provides an overview of the basics of bridge management including risk frameworks and legal considerations. It includes templates and proformas for common tasks such as the procurement of specific services as well as an understanding of the heavy vehicle permit access requests.

The guides can be downloaded at the ARRB website.

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