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Atlas CEA: Lighting the way

The HiLight BI+ 4 lighting tower provides the optimal combination of flexibility and sustainability for any project manager. Images: Atlas CEA.

Atlas CEA has been critical to the development of road infrastructure projects across Australia. it’s been lighting the way for 24/7 project management.

When providing lighting towers for operating at any time of the day or night, Atlas Copco has long been a trusted brand within the industry. Adding to its already established HiLight range, which represents efficient temporary lighting for improved productivity, Atlas CEA will soon offer the all-new HiLight BI+ 4 lighting tower.

The HiLight range offers Infrastructure Managers a wide variety of choices so that the right lighting tower can be selected for any infrastructure application. Atlas CEA, the distributor of Atlas Copco lighting towers within Australia, supplies machines to a range of industries with a flexible and dynamic approach to operations, addressing efficiency and safety on site. Project Managers can also be assured of the robust build quality and compact size for which the Atlas Copco brand is globally recognised.

”Atlas Copco products have long been known for their strength and build quality. The site conditions across Australia can be diverse and demanding. It’s critical our products can withstand these conditions to support our local customer needs,” says Atlas CEA Brand Leader David Buttigieg.

A single staff member can operate and manage the HiLight BI+ 4 light tower with ease. Image: Atlas CEA.
A single staff member can operate and manage the HiLight BI+ 4 light tower with ease. Image: Atlas CEA.

Atlas Copco has really put its innovation stamp on LED (light-emitting diode) technology. The lenses in these HiLight LED light towers have a unique optic designed specifically for the toughest and most demanding conditions.

This innovative, fully directional LED lens design ensures maximum light coverage and reduces lighting waste. A single HiLight tower can cover an area of up to 6000 square metres with an average brightness of 20 lux (the standard unit for light level intensity). Such coverage guarantees a brighter, safer, and more productive site.

“With the ability to light such a large area, the HiLight range is both efficient and practical,” says Buttigieg. “With safety a high priority for us and our customer base, we are confident the range ensures sites are safe without limiting the opportunity to be as productive as possible.”  

The HiLight range provides businesses with a complete portfolio of innovative and easy-to-use light towers for energy-efficient light coverage that will help boost operational productivity while meeting environmental and safety standards. Of particular note is the newly arriving HiLight BI+ 4.

HiLight BI+ 4

This innovative light tower incorporates state-of-the-art surface mount device (SMD) LED lighting technology and lithium-ion batteries for excellent performance and efficiency. It will enable businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs while improving sustainability levels.

“Atlas Copco has placed a great deal of focus on creating a range that is efficient, environmentally conscious and delivers a cost-effective solution for its customers,“ says Buttigieg. 


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The new HiLight BI+ 4 light tower offers users maximum flexibility. With four different operating modes, the HiLight BI+ 4 combines lithium-ion batteries with a low-consumption Stage V diesel engine. It can be powered directly from mains electricity, from its lithium-ion batteries, from its diesel engine, or from a hybrid setting to make the most of the energy available.

Running solely on batteries provides project managers with up to 19 hours of silent and emission-free operations. In hybrid mode, it offers the lowest average fuel consumption in its class, with 0.29 litres per hour. Thanks to the incorporation of a battery, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint by up to seven tonnes of CO2 per unit per year.

Setting up the HiLight BI+ 4 lighting tower is simple. Image: Atlas CEA.
Setting up the HiLight BI+ 4 lighting tower is simple. Image: Atlas CEA.

“With the capacity to run for an extensive period, the BI+4 ensures worksites stay well-lit with energy-efficient luminosity, night after night,” Buttigieg says.

With a 60 per cent reduction in engine runtime, service intervals are three times longer than light towers that run solely on diesel. The HiLight BI+ 4 requires minimal maintenance every 1500 hours of lighting so that users can save on costs associated with servicing.

The HiLight BI+ 4 has four floodlights providing 150W power to reliably cover 4000 square metres. With a fully hydraulic mast lifting and electric mast rotation, it is 15 per cent lighter than any other hybrid light tower, and you can fit up to 22 units on a standard 13-metre container truck.

LED tech leagues ahead

Atlas CEA is one of the leading companies when it comes to supplying durable machinery. The LED HiLight BI+ 4 tower is just another example of the company’s innovation in this space.

“The transformative LED technology embedded in the BI+4 Lighting Tower combines innovative design and eco-friendly illumination. From heightened visibility to reduced environmental impact, this lighting solution brightens worksites and supports a greener and more sustainable future,” says Buttigieg.

The high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of more than 85 out of 100 means it does an excellent job of revealing the true colours of objects compared to natural light. The directional optics of the range further enhance this, as they offer incredible light distribution. That’s consistent, evenly distributed, glare-free light across the entire area at an economical cost. 

This article was originally published in the March edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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