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The Atlas Copco H6+ light tower has four 350W LED floodlights.
The Atlas Copco H6+ light tower has four 350W LED floodlights.

The new Atlas Copco H6+ light tower is suitable to use in tough environments, thanks to its unique body material. Kevin Ennis, Atlas CEA’s General Sales Manager, explains the standout features.

Atlas Copco’s desire to create a flexible range of lighting towers, which also address efficiency and safety, has resulted in the development of the HiLight range.

Made for construction, mining, events, and rental applications, the HiLight range also features lighting towers which provide high sustainability outcomes, all in compact designs.

As Kevin Ennis, Atlas CEA’s General Sales Manager explains, one of the larger towers in the HiLight range, the HiLight H6+ light tower, has been particularly well received in the market.

“The H6+ light tower is a model that is built to be tough at work, but not on the environment,” Ennis says.

The H6+ light tower features Atlas Copco’s HardHat body. Made of medium-density polyethylene rather than metal, the HardHat body can protect the internal systems of the machine from impacts and weather elements. The body is corrosion and crack resistant and has a high tolerance for both low and high temperatures.

“Designing the H6+ light tower with a HardHat body also means the machine’s performance and appearance last longer, which helps to retain a high resale value for customers and bring down their total cost of ownership,” Ennis explains.

Peaceful and quiet

Ennis says the reduced noise and durability of the machine are also two standout features.

“Customers love these machines for their significant noise reduction. With a noise level of 55 decibel (dBA) at seven metres, the H6+ is one of the quietest diesel light towers available on the market,” Ennis says.

In terms of maintenance, Ennis says the H6+ light tower requires 600-hour service intervals, and needs to be refuelled every 200 hours. “After 600 hours of operation, the tower only needs a standard service, which can be carried out in 40 minutes. Service times are also extended through the use of a heavy-duty filtration system, ensuring oil flows are directed as intended.”

The HiLight H6+ features four 350W LED floodlights, which can provide light coverage to illuminate an area of up to 6000 square metres.

“This is the widest light coverage in the entire Atlas HiLight range,” Ennis says. “The LED lights have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours and are supported by an eight-metre galvanised mast.”

Each LED light within the HiLight range has been designed specifically for construction and mining applications and includes a special optic.

All lighting towers within the HiLight range have aluminium casting on tower lamps, providing heavy-duty protection, even during transportation.

The LED lamps also have a high Colour Rendering Index score of around 85 out of 100. This index is used to measure the ability of a light source to reveal the colours of objects, compared to standard light.

The Atlas Copco H6+ light tower can illuminate an area up to 6000 square metres.
The Atlas Copco H6+ light tower can illuminate an area up to 6000 square metres.

Sustainability outcomes

Low fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions are other benefits with the H6+ light tower, according to Ennis.

“The H6+ light tower comes with a dimming function, allowing operators to adjust the radiance of the machine, depending on their lighting needs,” he says.

“This function can provide up to 40 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions, as well as extend the fuel economy by over 300 hours, when set at a minimal level. All functions can be controlled from the lighting tower’s exterior control panel, which is easy to access and use.”

When compared to metal halide light towers, each unit in the HiLight range can save 1500 litres of fuel and 4800 kilograms of CO2 emissions per year.

The sustainability benefits of the H6+ light tower join other machines within Atlas Copco’s range which use renewable energy sources.

Atlas Copco’s HiLight S2+ LED light tower, for example, uses solar radiation as an energy source and reduces CO2 emissions by up to six tonnes compared with traditional technologies.

Ennis says with all Atlas Copco light towers, there is also flexibility for customisation.

“We can put custom decals on the machines if required. As an optional extra customers can also get diffusers to reduce the brightness by 25 per cent. Diffusers are available in white or yellow,” Ennis says.

To move the H6+ light tower, operators have three choices. It has an integrated lifting point, four forklift spots or three different tow bars to select from. The tow bars are adjustable, allowing easy towing with vans, trucks and more.

For any maintenance requirements, Ennis says customers are supported by Atlas Copco’s network of branches in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Each branch has a service centre and parts warehouse.

“Atlas CEA can also tailor products to individual customers’ requirements, with custom manufacturing and fabrication available.”

This article was originally published in the May edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.



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