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EZiDIG, the world’s first excavator mounted tool for detecting underground services, was launched at QME (Qld Mining Expo) in July. The national distribution has been awarded to C.R. Kennedy, which is already known for its distribution and servicing rights of the machine control offerings of Leica Geosystems, SBG and Mikrofyn.

The EZiDIG was launched globally in the UK in January by the company Cable Detection which specialises in locating underground cables. The EZiDIG is the only excavator mounted product that does this in the world.

EZiDIG is aimed at construction and utility contractors and detects buried services while the excavator is being used. The EZiDIG sensor unit is attached to the excavator dipper arm and communicates in real time with the machine driver when it locates electromagnetic signals emitted by buried metallic services. The unit allows the driver to avoid costly and dangerous cable strikes.

This is made possible by the special set up: the sensor, attached to the excavator with a high-strength magnet assembly, is connected to the power supply box and the display screen situated in the driver’s cab. As a bonus, the display screen can be substituted for the original Mikrofyn XC-2 screen and the Leica DigSmart 2D screen for those operators who already have either of these machine control systems. If an operator is looking at purchasing both the 2D system and the EZiDIG, only one screen needs to be purchased and both systems work together.

EZiDIG aims to add an additional level of safety to the excavation process.

Traditionally, hand held locators are used to scan an area before excavation begins. Best practice recommends a repeat scan frequently as the trench is dug. Errors due to human failure result in damaged services, machinery and injured site workers.

EZiDIG benefits any excavation project because it continuously scans the area during excavation, significantly reducing the risk to excavator operators and leaving them in control of their own environment. By installing the EZiDIG on their machines, companies are demonstrating a greater duty of care, investing in asset management and importantly showing their employees that safety comes first on their sites.

As the underground becomes more congested, increased numbers of excavators are digging up buried services. EZiDIG answers the market need for a tool of this type. For more information on the EZiDIG, contact

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