Austroads announces road safety guide update


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Austroads has published an updated Guide to Road Safety, which has been altered to reflect the Safe System approach.

The Safe System, also known as Towards Zero, aims to free the world from road fatalities and serious injuries.

The Safe System approach acknowledges that mistakes on roads are inevitable, but deaths and injuries are not.

The Safe System also acknowledges that any crash impact greater than 30 kilometres per hour increases the risk of death, road safety is a shred responsibility amongst everyone and that all components of the road system must be strengthened to multiply the protective effects.

Michael Nieuwesteeg, Austroads’ Road Safety and Design Program Manager said the guide required an update, following the adoption of the Safe System by both Australia and New Zealand.

“Safe System takes a holistic view of road transport. It recognises that people will make mistakes but aims to create a system where mistakes and crashes do not result in death or serious injury,” he said.

“Reducing and ultimately eliminating harm in the road transport system is a key objective of all Austroads members and the Guide to Road Safety aims to help practitioners to fulfil this objective.”

The Guide to Road Safety is not intended to provide complete coverage of every aspect of road safety activities.

Publications in conjunction with the guide will continue to provide new information and promote discussion around road safety.

The guide can be viewed here. Austroads will also hold webinars on 24 and 26 August to provide an overview of the restructure.


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