Tom O'Keane

SRE’s six metre Telescopic Bitumen Sprayer has been a constant presence in the market for more than two decades.

SRE’s supreme spraying solution

Specialised Roading Equipment’s six metre Telescopic Bitumen Sprayer has become one of the premier options for bitumen sprayers across both New Zealand and Australia. Teokotai Samuel of KEE Surfacing explains how the machine has boosted his operation.
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The first Astec Industries’ BG Series Batch Plant is currently being used by Fulton Hogan for works in Darwin.

Astec’s integrated ingenuity

Astec Industries’ BG Series Asphalt Plants are a compact and efficient form of asphalt production. Roads & Infrastructure Magazine learns how these units have been designed to cater for the evolving needs of Australia’s asphalt industry.
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