Autodesk Construction Cloud and Autodesk Build bolstered with new features

New Schedule tool in Autodesk Build and an expanded partner ecosystem supercharge project management across construction teams.

Autodesk has announced powerful new capabilities across Autodesk Construction Cloud and an expansion of its partner ecosystem, delivering new ways for construction teams to connect their workflows on one platform.

Advancements to Autodesk Build, including a new Schedule management tool, further connect office and field teams and data across the construction lifecycle. Project teams can now also integrate construction data from over 200 partners on Autodesk Construction Cloud to streamline construction management in one centralised location.

“In today’s increasingly digitised construction industry, connecting project stakeholders and data is critical for the collaboration and insights teams need for their competitive edge,” said Sameer Merchant, vice president of product development, Autodesk Construction Solutions.

“Consolidating data from various project workflows into a common data environment gives team members access to the information they need when they need it and empowers project leaders to make informed decisions. Since we launched Autodesk Construction Cloud, we have been focused on connecting office and field teams and enabling easier collaboration from a single source of truth; we have introduced nearly 250 product innovations just this year. Our newest developments are another milestone for connected construction.”

New Schedule tool in Autodesk Build bolsters project management

A new Schedule tool in Autodesk Build empowers teams to centralise schedule management and work from the most up-to-date activities and milestones to keep their projects on track.

Office and field teams can instantly share digital schedules, collaborate on updates as they happen and link documents, sheets, photos, issues, assets, RFIs and submittals to their communications for reference. Teams can also filter and search their schedules and view them in calendar or chart formats to see activity status in real time. Additionally, Schedule integrates with the

Cost tool in Autodesk Build to simplify budgeting and planning for schedule-related expenses including general conditions such as material handling and clean-up. The Schedule and Cost integration delivers project-level data analyses, enabling teams to accurately forecast cash flow.

“Distributing schedules across the team and ensuring everyone is on the same page is often time-consuming,” said Bryan Nuckolls, project manager, Boldt.

“Traditional and siloed schedule management requires updating spreadsheets, publishing them as PDFs and emailing them around to the team. By automating schedule communication in Autodesk Build, we save valuable project time and keep our team updated on the latest, while remaining in the same solution that houses our other critical project information.”

Expanded integration partner ecosystem streamlines data across workflows

Autodesk Construction Cloud now features over 200 partners leveraging Partner Cards and APIs, including Forge APIs, to deliver strong and meaningful integrations for customers who want to simplify data management and boost their ability to make more informed project decisions. With the expanded partner ecosystem, customers can integrate data from their safety, mixed reality, analytics and reality capture solutions, for example, to Autodesk Construction Cloud and maintain a centralised view of their project information to make decisions with more context. Among the latest integrations are Build.Works, Cupix, eFiler, NTI and RealWear, as well as hh2’s integration between Autodesk Construction Cloud and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

“Financial accounting in ‘real time’ is critical to providing project teams with accurate cost information,” said Dennis Stejskal, director, construction and real estate, Sage. “We are excited to come together with hh2 and Autodesk to deliver an industry-leading integration between accounting and operations. Our partnership can help construction teams increase collaboration and data visibility between field-facing teams and accounting so project managers can make timely informed cost decisions.”

New integrations also include 3D Repo, Aespada, Airtable, ArcGIS GeoBIM, Arkio, BIM HoloView, DAQS, Embneusys, Geometrid, GoFormz, Google Workspace, Join, Novade, Oculo, OpticVyu, ProNovos, Safe Site Check In, Shepherd, SiteKick, Stevenson Systems, StructShare,, UpKeep, vGIS, viAct and WakeCap.

The App Gallery is also now available, making it easy for account administrators to connect Autodesk Construction Cloud platform products with third party partner applications such as augmented reality solutions and jobsite cameras. Teams can explore a range of direct integrations that leverage the Forge open platform and quickly activate integrations to further simplify data management with automated and seamless data flow.

Additionally, Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect now supports Autodesk Takeoff, so customers can customise integrations to export information including quantities, property definitions, model mappings and classifications into a variety of software applications such as Smartsheet, Airtable, QuickBase and Microsoft Excel.

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