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Better together with SANY

The SANY and Yello Equipment team at the Diesel, Dirt and Turf 2023 event.

SANY has become a dynamic producer of heavy machinery in Australia and its partnership with Yello Equipment is helping to extend this growth. Andy Hopcraft General Manager of Yello Equipment sheds light on this dynamic relationship.

With a growing international presence, now including Australia, and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Brazil, India, Germany & China – SANY’s powerful machines are driving construction projects across the globe.

A major part of SANY’s position in the Australian market is its partnership with Yello Equipment, a key distributer of SANY Australia. Andy Hopcraft, General Manager of Yello Equipment says that from inception around three years ago, the relationship between the two companies has been a great alignment.

“SANY is a global conglomerate, known around the world for quality products, the company have strategies that work for all environments and conditions – something we felt very aligned to,” Hopcraft says.

“Through our time as a SANY dealer, Yello has seen a lot of mid- and long-term visions with both the products and the brand, and, we see that SANY, conversely, look to us for those mid- and long-term strategies as well. So, the relationship is a very constructive and proactive one.”

2023 is set to be a strong year for SANY, with everything from excavators, wheeled loaders and rollers to cranes, forklifts and reach stackers – its product portfolio is only set to grow.

Two of SANY’s high- performance wheel loaders.
Two of SANY’s high- performance wheel loaders.

Hopcraft says SANY has stepped up to the mark with its quality and reliability, especially in Australia’s harsh environments.

“Good, robust, quality equipment is what SANY does best. Its product line for 2023 is nothing short of this,” he says.

“SANY has continued to move and adapt to local requirements, whether it be the European market, the American market, the Australasian market, etc. to give the best results to the companies and directly to the operators using the machines as well.

“SANY has established a footprint globally around its excavators. So, that product line is really at the forefront of 2023.”

While excavators are a key SANY product to keep an eye out for this year, Hopcraft says there are other additions to the product portfolio that he’s excited about.

“Other machinery to look out for this year are the wheeled loaders and ground compaction machines – rollers, graders and alike,” he says.

“We want people who come through Yello Equipment to purchase SANY products to know that for any quarry, civil construction, farm and agriculture work and many more applications, the SANY Excavators, wheeled loaders, and compaction machines are here to complement all customer needs.

“It’s great to know that, as a key dealer of SANY, Yello Equipment is a strong supplier of good quality machinery. We can say with confidence to our customers that both Yello and SANY are ready with the support and equipment they need for all project requirements.”


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The road ahead

Some of SANY’s most stand out models have been in the civil construction space, notably the 5, 8, 16 through to 36 tonne specifications.

Hopcraft says that SANY’s research and development team are always listening to what the operators and customers want. Therefore, the company has started working on some of their current models to suit demand.

“The SY16C 1.7 tonne excavator is a perfect example of the current equipment being looked at for this reason. The SY16C is a very versatile machine, perfect for plumbers, landscapers, civil construction, you name it. It’s the right tool for the job,” he says.

“To make this Swiss army knife of a tool even more versatile, SANY are offering updates and like-minded machinery for the market.

“For instance, the SY16C conventional swing is now being complemented with the SY18U zero swing. Offering almost the same operating platform performance specifications, but in a zero-swing model.”

SANY is known around the world for its durable range of equipment.
SANY is known around the world for its durable range of equipment.

A great machine for operators with limited space, Hopcraft says the SY18U is now being complemented with a low-noise, low-emission electric version – the SY19E.

“As the world moves towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future, SANY has kept up with the movement by developing electrically powered vehicles like the SY19E,” he says.

“SANY’s research and development team have made sure that all of its machines are ready for an array of applications, ensuring customers have the right tool for the job.”

As 2023 continues to ramp up, Hopcraft hopes to continue the strong relationship between SANY, Yello Equipment and its customers.

“The future is all about the medium- and long-term strategies that will allow us to be proactive to the market,” he says.

“We want to build confidence for all our customers, so they know that SANY is here, supporting the local dealerships – the boots on the ground, salt of the earth people that are in the trenches with customers, committed to working through the positives and the negatives every single day. We are with you all the way.

“This year is another opportunity for us to show our customers the long-term commitment we have in making sure they get the most out of their SANY equipment and experience.” 

This article was originally published in the June edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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