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Beyond Ordinary: Coates’ promise to treat every customer as unique

Image courtesy of Coates.
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John Palavras has forged an extraordinary 20-year career with Coates, starting from humble beginnings as a sales coordinator, and rising to become a revered product specialist for the company’s Engineering Solutions team, which specialises in temporary works. What sets him apart is his passion for his work and deep commitment to meeting each customer’s unique needs. John’s dedication and enthusiasm are evident in his own words.

“I enjoy every part of the job. Every customer and project is unique, whether it’s back propping a slab, managing water challenges on a job site or providing a shoring solution. It’s all unique.”

This reflects Coates’ commitment to excellence, earning them a trusted name as Australia’s leading equipment hire and solutions provider.

One aspect that John enjoys about his job is that no two days are the same. John’s main areas of focus are tendering and product support, including creating detailed estimates for shoring, structural propping and water management projects and providing information to clients who rely on his wealth of experience. He also actively collaborates with the business development team to identify and pursue potential leads and opportunities for the company.

John believes in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to meeting the needs of their customers, questioning and challenging every option in order to find the right solution.

“If we don’t have something for a customer, we pick up the phone, and keep them informed,” John explains. “We exhaust all avenues to help them solve their problem.”

Coates is Australia’s leading equipment hire company, with 137 years of experience providing high-quality tools, equipment and consumables to diverse sectors including Construction, Mining and Major Events. Alongside temporary works engineering, the company also specialises in maintenance and shutdown support, Power and HVAC, and safety training via its Registered Training Organisation (RTO), making Coates a comprehensive solution provider for their customers.

With his tireless motivation and relentless pursuit of excellence, John sets a high standard for exceptional customer service that aligns perfectly with Coates’ tagline of “equipped for anything.”

When asked what advice he would give his younger self, John emphasised, “Be true at all times. Don’t change for anybody.” He also added, “I think if we’re honest with ourselves and do our very best, that’s all you can ask from anybody.”

While he enjoys sports, John considers his family to be his first priority. He recognises the importance of striking a harmonious balance between various aspects of life, including family and other passions. This dedication to maintaining a well-rounded and balanced approach to life reflects Coates’ values of caring deeply for employees and being people focused.

John’s passion for work and dedication to serving his customers, make him a true asset to the company. His contributions to Coates’ success are invaluable, and he continues to inspire those around him with his drive and commitment to excellence.

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