Building Works package worth $2.7 billion launched in VIC

Works to dig Australia’s longest and deepest road tunnels, as part of the $3 billion NorthConnex project in Sydney, is now complete.The Victorian Government has launched the first part of its Building Works package, which will provide $2.7 billion towards shovel-ready projects.

The package is hoped to create 3700 direct jobs for construction workers, painters, plasterers, gardeners, engineers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, maintenance workers, administration staff and many others.

A statement from the Victorian Premier stated the government is ‘rolling up their sleeves’ and doing its part to drive new economic activity to create thousands of jobs across the state.

It is hoped these projects will also create jobs across supply chains including manufacturing, logistics, transportation, warehousing and retail.

For the transport sector $382 million is allocated for resurfacing and patching roads, 300 kilometres of track improvements, repairs at 15 train stations, maintenance to trains and trams and local pier upgrades.

Education infrastructure projects are at the heart of the package, $1.18 billion will be provided for projects that will create space for more than 21,000 extra students in Victoria’s education system. This is expected to create more than 1,600 local construction jobs.

As part of the package 10 new schools will be built and 57 schools will be upgraded or modernised. Other jobs will include purchasing and refurbishing relocatable school buildings, making modifications for students with disability and maintenance on schools and TAFE’s.

Building Works also includes hundreds of other projects that have been selected because they can be ready to begin in a matter of weeks or months.

The key requirement for these projects is to have workers who are ready to get on the job straight away, with companies to find new employees through Working for Victoria in the first instance.

The package also includes half a billion dollars to upgrade public and community housing, $382 million for upgrades to tourism destinations, $100 million for upgrades to CFA and SES stations, disability accommodation, mental health and aged care facilities, and some funding is included for local sports facility upgrades.

Finally, the government will also establish $180 million for a planning and acceleration fund to keep the momentum going.

Premier Daniel Andrews said the government is getting to work on hundreds of new projects across the state, meaning shovels in the ground, and boots in the mud, within a matter of weeks and months.

“From upgrading our roads and rail, to critical maintenance for social housing and new projects for our tourist destinations, this package will create jobs for our local tradies and so many others – and support local businesses all over Victoria,” Mr. Andrews said.

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