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Canberra Light Rail final plans to be released

Canberra Light Rail

The final stages of planning for the Canberra Light Rail Stage 2A have been released with works approval and development application for network now open for public comment.

Stage 2A of the light rail is the first step in extending the network south to Woden. It is set to feature an additional 1.7 kilometres of wire-free track including three new stops at Edinburgh Avenue, City South and Commonwealth Park.


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The final plans reveal details about the project design. These include a landscape developed with the National Capital Authority (NCA) to retain the historic character of Commonwealth Avenue, two new signalised intersections on London Circuit at West Row and University Avenue also providing pedestrian and cyclist crossings, and cycle ways on newly designed intersections at London Circuit and Northbourne Avenue.

Extra features of the plans also include in-ground pedestrian lights, a cobbled median on London Circuit West to differentiate the light rail corridor from the roadway, grass track sections on parts of Northbourne Avenue, London Circuit and Commonwealth Avenue and a new inset bridge for the light rail constructed over Parkes Way in between the two Commonwealth Avenue bridges.

Work is also currently underway to raise London Circuit, which will enable the construction of light rail stage 2A. Pending planning approvals and procurement processes, construction on the Stage 2A extension is expected to start soon after the raising of London Circuit is complete.

These documents will be available to review until 11 May 2023.

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