A sketch of the RiverLink project in New Zealand.

Reveal’s model of proactive subsurface risk management

Lower Hutt is an urban centre of around 110,000 people, a short distance north of New Zealand’s capital city Wellington. The city has outgrown its roots as a manufacturing hub and commuter suburb for Wellington into a thriving business and residential centre and is defined by the winding river that flows down the Hutt Valley (Heretaunga).
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Why Does Clean Data Matter in Construction? 3 Key Reasons

Why does clean data matter in construction? Three key reasons

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We’ve all heard the familiar saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.” In construction, we could rephrase it as, “Bad input, bad outcomes.” Because whilst there’s no shortage in the quantity of data being produced at any given moment during a capital project, what matters even more is the quality. Read More