CCF welcomes parliamentary inquiry on infrastructure procurement

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The Civil Contractors Federation (CFF) National has welcomed the announcement of a parliamentary inquiry which will investigate the procurement practices for government-funded infrastructure.

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities announced the inquiry last week.

Among other objectives, the committee wants to examine challenges and opportunities on the way of enhancing Australia’s sovereign industry capabilities.

Chris Melham, Chief Executive Officer of CCF National said the inquiry was timely in light of the Federal Government’s $110 billion 10 year rolling infrastructure investment program and the recent announcement of an additional $15.2 billion towards infrastructure in the 2021-2022 budget.

“Improving the current procurement frameworks and policies to deliver projects to market in a more streamlined and timely manner, ensuring a greater number of bids are received from tier two and [tier] three head contractors, and having appropriately qualified staff within governments to manage the tender process will be high on CCF’s priorities for this review.”

CFF have recently published a report, identifying potential issues for the future of the sector, as well as the practices undertaken during government projects.

The Rebuilding Australia: A Plan for a Civil Infrastructure Led Recovery’ report details difficult procurement, contractual conditions and other key factors which can prevent the industry from being more efficient.

“The report also explores the benefits of the use of more collaborative models between industry and government as a way to more appropriately distribute and manage risk on infrastructure projects,” Melham said.

Th inquiry committee has already commenced the inquest, with submission for the inquiry open until 16 July.

The committee has invited submissions from stakeholders and interested parties. The full terms of reference are available on the committee’s website.



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