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CEA: Skidding to success

The JCB 155HD skid steer loader satisfies the requirements of many projects.

The JCB 155HD skid steer loader is one of the lightest models in its class, with Its unique features also helping it to stand out.

When looking for a hard-working skid steer loader, JCB CEA has the goods with the JCB 155HD. It’s a small platform loader with a 703-kilogram rated operating capacity. The JCB 155HD is designed for many applications, from small farming operations to landscape material suppliers.

Greg Sealey is the National General Manager at JCB CEA and says the JCB skid steer loader range is amongst the best currently on offer across the sector.

“The JCB 155 skid steer offers a balance of innovation and versatility, where power meets precision to redefine the very essence of efficiency,” says Sealey.

The 155HD skid steer loader incorporates JCB’s unique PowerBoom design. It’s a single-sided and reinforced high-tensile strength steel boom. The PowerBoom incorporates internal baffle plates for extra strength. 

The whole design is made with 20 per cent more steel than existing twin-arm designs today. Hydraulic hoses are kept safe to mitigate any potential damage. The iconic JCB Powerboom boasts tapered pivot pins. The result is greater rigidity for less wear, longer life, and improved material retention in the bucket.

“The JCB Powerboom offers operators unmatched strength, stability, and precision,” he says.

Suitable for almost any load type, the JCB PowerBoom provides the rigidity needed to minimise wear for a longer life.
Suitable for almost any load type, the JCB PowerBoom provides the rigidity needed to minimise wear for a longer life.

Safe and sound

The cab for the JCB 155HD features a wide-opening side entry, designed for comfort, safety, economy, productivity, and durability. The operator’s cab is 46 per cent larger than comparable models. It’s also been ergonomically designed to ensure maximum operator comfort. 

The cab also has an oversized entry door and increased visibility. All controls are located on a centrally located three-way joystick for easy use.

“JCB’s side cab entry and our exclusive low-slung Powerboom design means that there’s excellent visibility to both the left and right side of the machine,” Sealey says. “There’s a 270-degree field of vision on the 155HD compared with just 165 degrees on other brands on the market.”

The flat glass at the front of the cab is simple and cost-effective to replace if necessary. The side-mounted windshield wiper on all models with a fully enclosed cab improves front visibility to the quick hitch and attachment for increased productivity. 


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With no requirement for the rear torque tube found on conventional machines, operators of the JCB 155HD benefit from even greater rear visibility. The standard-fit rear-view mirror enhances rearward visibility.

“JCB’s unwavering commitment to operator safety isn’t just a priority,” says Sealey. “It’s a promise that ensures we deliver cutting-edge technology underpinned by a focus on our customers safety”.

There are a whole host of other benefits, like ergonomic controls, an extremely tough and powerful boom, excellent entry/egress from the cab, turn-key-go operation, and a low cost of ownership. All of this adds up to the 155HD representing simplicity refined.

The performance of the JCB 155DH skid steer loader makes it a leader in the field.
The performance of the JCB 155DH skid steer loader makes it a leader in the field.

Operating statistics

With an operating weight of just under three tonnes (2990 kilograms), the JCB 155 is powered by a turbocharged Perkins 404D-22 engine. The 155HD has a 95-litre fuel tank and features a fuel filtration system to keep emissions down. The hydraulics can push 70 litres per minute through the arm when running at 2600 revolutions per minute, with a main relief pressure of 230 bar.

“It’s a machine that stands the test of time,” Sealey says. “It’s built to withstand the harshest environments and can handle the daily rigorous tasks our customers need to undertake.”

The JCB skid steers have daily maintenance points located in easily accessible places. The 155HD can tilt its body forward for more complex maintenance to provide access to the engine bay and components.

“Everyone wants to keep their machines at peak performance,” he says. “With a focus on ease of maintenance, the JCB 155HD is designed with serviceability in mind.”

Unlike conventional skid steer cooling systems, the JCB engine cooling system pulls cool, clean air from above and forces hot air out through the sides and rear, away from the operator. The result is improved, efficient cooling, even in extreme conditions. 

“JCB’s engineered engine cooling system ensures consistent performance,” Sealey says. “This is the case even in the hottest of conditions experienced by customers in the Australian climate”.

A model for every application

With 14 small or large platform models to choose from featuring both vertical lift and radial lift options on wheeled and tracked chassis’ and with engines from 42kW (56hp) to 55kW (74hp), there’s sure to be a model to suit customer needs. JCB skid steers and compact track loaders are stronger and safer than conventional twin-arm machines, but still give users all the power and performance they need.

“Combining power, versatility, operator comfort, durability, safety features, and innovative technology, the JCB 155 skid steer is the ideal choice for a diverse range of applications,” Sealey says. 

This article was originally published in the November edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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