Companies shortlisted for train access technology in Sydney

Image courtesy of Sydney Metro.

Three technology companies have been shortlisted for the supply of state-of-the-art customer access technology on the Bankstown line in Sydney.

The technology will run across the 10 stations involved with the Sydney Metro rail upgrade between Marrickville and Bankstown.

Mechanical gap fillers, platform screen doors and other technology will work towards enhancing the fully accessible stations in time for rail services to start in 2024.

All Sydney Metro Stations will have platform screen doors to keep people and other objects such as trams away from the tracks.

The doors will also allow trains to get in and out of stations quicker.

All platforms at the stations will be level with the new metro trains, no longer requiring passengers to step up into carriages.

The three shortlisted companies are:

  • Gilgen Door Systems AG
  • Hyundai Movex Co. Ltd
  • Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd.


The technology created by each of these companies will now be tested out as part of the next step of the procurement process.

This step will assess the practicality of each system in Australian conditions.

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