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Concrete Super T-beams in place at Deer Park Station

A concrete super t-beam being lifted into place on the Deer Park Station project
A concrete super t-beam being lifted into place on the Deer Park Station project.
A 40-tonne Super T-beam is lifted into place. Image courtesy of Victoria’s Big Build.

Eight concrete Super T-beams have been lifted into place as major works continue on the new Deer Park Station and the removal of the Mt Derrimut Road level crossing in Melbourne’s west.

The 40-tonne, Victorian-made beams were installed onto concrete columns in stages using two giant cranes, with work taking place over two nights to minimise disruption to traffic.

The beams will provide support for the elevated station platforms above a walkway that will connect commuters to the station from both sides of the rail line. The platforms will be accessible via lifts, stairs, and ramps. A 1.2-kilometre rail bridge will raise the rail 5.4 metres over Mt Derrimut Road.

Super T-beams have been used in Australian bridge-building for more than 20 years. They are suitable for long spans up to 35 metres, making them ideal for road and rail bridges and platforms. Deer Park’s beams weigh around 40 tonnes each and come in two different T shapes.

The construction crew is now more than halfway to completing 58 foundation piles, created by drilling holes up to 8.3 metres deep. These will form the base of the columns that support the Super T-beams, which will support the station buildings and concrete troughs that will contain the train tracks.

The new Deer Park Station will feature a bus interchange, pedestrian and cycling paths, and upgraded passenger facilities, including a waiting room, bathrooms, and secure bike parking.

The boom gates at the Mt Derrimut Road level crossing can be down for 60 per cent of the morning peak, and its removal is expected to ease delays for the 23,000 vehicles that pass through the crossing every day.

Works on the project are due for completion in 2024.

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