Connected and automated vehicle trials to begin in Victoria 

On-road testing will soon begin in a Victoria-first trial of connected vehicle technology, according to Victorian Roads Minister Jaala Pulford.

Ms. Pulford said trials started in late 2018 to test concept technology on controlled tracks, and on-road testing will soon begin on metropolitan and regional roads.

A connected car is a car equipped with Internet access and a wireless local area network. This allows the car to share data with other devices both inside and outside the vehicle

“The trial will use advanced technology to connect vehicles directly, as well as optimised 4G mobile networks to connect vehicles to one another and to traffic management centres,” Ms. Pulford said.

Ms. Pulford said cloud servers with “Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X)” technology will be used.

“Cellular V2X is a new technology with a customised version of 4G for connected vehicles rather than mobile phones,” Ms. Pulford said.

“Victoria is leading the nation in connected and automated vehicles – this technology will be critical in making roads safer not only here but across Australia.”

Ms. Pulford said the trial with study cars fitted with the technology under controlled conditions and test several road safety features including Red-light Violator Warnings and Pedestrian Alert Right-Turn Assist.

The project is a partnership led by Telstra and Lexus Australia, with a $3.5 million grant provided from the state government’s Connected and Automated Vehicle Trial Grants Program.

The grant program is managed by VicRoads and funded by the TAC through the Towards Zero Action Plan, which supports a range of initiatives to benefit road safety on roads across Victoria.

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