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Construction barges in place for $786M Bridgewater Bridge

Bridgewater Bridge project

The Bridgewater Bridge Project has reached a new milestone with the first construction barges now in place for the Tasmanian project.

The $786 million project is Tasmania’s largest ever transport infrastructure project and will aim to improve efficiency and safety, connect local communities and create more open space between the north and south of the state.

The new four-lane, one-kilometre-long bridge will address the perceived missing link in Tasmania’s National Highway, improving connections at Bridgewater and Granton, as well as catering for cyclists and pedestrians with a safe shared path.


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It will replace the existing 1940s era bridge, cutting travel times for the 22,000 motorists that use the route daily, and improving freight routes around Hobart.

Floated into place, linked together and rested on the riverbed, a total of 12 barges will provide a safe and sturdy temporary platform from which McConnell Dowell will construct the one kilometre long bridge.

This method aims to reduce costs and the environmental impact of constructing temporary work platforms.

The new bridge will be open by the end of 2024.

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