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Construction step closer for new Brisbane River bridge

Construction step closer for new Brisbane River bridge
Construction step closer for new Brisbane River bridge
Image courtesy of Seqwater.

Construction will soon be underway to build a vehicle bridge which will become the new crossing for traffic over the Brisbane River, in Queensland.

The existing single-lane weir bridge at Mount Crosby, which crosses the Brisbane River to connect Kholo and Mt Crosby, will be converted into a pedestrian pathway, with the new dual-lane bridge built alongside it for vehicle traffic.

The construction contract for the new bridge was recently awarded to BMD Constructions, with construction expected to begin in the coming months and completed before the end of 2023.

The multi-million-dollar project forms part of the East Bank Flood Resilience Program– a program of work to improve flood resilience and connectivity within the growing area. The new bridge will be built almost three-metres higher than the existing bridge and is designed to better withstand flooding.

Once the new bridge is built, the 96-year-old Mount Crosby Weir Bridge will be repurposed as a cycle trail and walkway.

Minister for Water Glenn Butcher said the new bridge would improve the access and safety of the connection.

“The dual lane will also improve the flow of traffic for the growing community and ensure that large vehicles such as truck and buses can cross safely,” Butcher said.

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Neil Brennan said while the work moved ahead on building the new bridge, work was also progressing to repair and reopen the existing Mt Crosby Weir Bridge, which was significantly damaged during the extreme weather event in late-February this year.

“Engineering assessments have been completed to assess the damage and we are now working to repair and reopen the bridge to traffic,” Brennan said.

For more information on the East Bank Flood Resilience Program, click here.



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