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Consultation to guide Balranald’s transport future

Image courtesy of the Balranald Shire Council.

A regional forum will be held at Balranald with key stakeholders to determine potential future transport options for the regional new South Wales town.

This joins a series of forums which are being held across regional areas of the state to guide future transport developments.

Transport for NSW Regional Director West, Alistair Lunn said the forum would ensure that the developments could be customised to suit the needs of locals.


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“The information we gather from attendees could be included in future transport strategies,” Lunn said. “They will also get some insight into how Transport for NSW is structured and who, from our organisation can be contacted if they need information on local matters.

“But the main focus is to hold constructive, two-way conversations with community members and stakeholders where we listen to their needs and concerns, so together we can plan for their future transport needs.”

The Balranald Regional Forum will be held on Tuesday 9 May at the Theatre Royal, 90 Market Street from 5pm to 8pm.

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