Contractor starts safety upgrades for Richmond Road Master Plan

McIlwain Civil Pty Ltd will deliver the new eastbound overtaking lane on the highway at Woodford, Queensland.Contractor Hazell Bros, a Tasmanian company, has been awarded the contract for the Richmond Road Master Plan.

Key safety upgrades are now set to begin next week as part of the state governments commitments to investing in the infrastructure the state needs.

Road upgrades will provide increased safety for 10.6 kilometres between Cambridge and Richmond, which is an important route for daily commuters and commercial traffic.

The next set of works include safety improvements to 3.2 kilometres of Richmond Road between University of Tasmania Farm and Malcolms Hut Road, and upgrades to the Boyes Street junction.

It will also include the construction of the new Cambridge Link Road, which will connect Richmond Road to the Tasman Highway Acton Interchange. This will provide a more efficient route that avoids Cambridge Village and the busy junction of Richmond and Cambridge Roads.

The Richmond Road Master Plan is being delivered in eight sections, two of which are already complete. Upgrades include wider lanes, sealed shoulders, improved road alignment, junction upgrades and slow vehicle turnouts.

Planning for the final sections is underway for upgrades on two stretches of Richmond Road between Malcoms Hut Road and the Grasstree Hill intersection.

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