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Design consultation finalised for Coffs Harbour bypass

Design consultation finalised for Coffs Harbour bypass

Major works are close to commencing on the $2.2 billion Coffs Harbour bypass interchanges in New South Wales, following the finalisation of the detailed design consultation summary report.

A call for submissions to the public was made following the release of design refinements in February, with a total of 290 submissions guiding the final detailed design. A common theme across public feedback was the need for simplified interchanges.

Final design changes on the project include the reduction of traffic from heavy and light vehicles at Coramba Road interchange. The design changes will also mean traffic control on Coramba Road will end almost two years sooner, with most of the construction not on existing roads and less impact on Coffs Creek with less bridge work required.


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Changes to the Englands Road interchange include two small roundabouts to improve safety and traffic flow, while access has been improved with a two-way local service road to improve safety and connectivity.

To reduce operational noise at Korora Hill interchange, the major on and off ramps have been lowered, making them a similar height to the existing highway, while Bruxner Park Road and James Small Drive are now elevated to an overpass.

The improvements at the three interchanges also reduce the project’s construction carbon footprint as they require fewer bridges, meaning less truck movements for steel and concrete.

The NSW and Federal governments are funding the $2.2 billion Coffs Harbour bypass project to improve safety, travel times and lifestyle in the popular coastal city.

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