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Type Cranes
Sub Type Cranes and Lifting
Class Spider Cranes
Year 2023
Sale Price $12,500 GST Exclusive
Listing Type Used
Stock Number 870649
RefCode TA1218045


Hoeflon C6e - 3000kg Spider Crane The Hoeflon C6e Spider Crane made in the Netherlands and, is in a class of it's own. Multifunctional, robust and very simple operation - that's the C6e compact crane in a nutshell. It???s a best seller in the mini crane category. This crane is ideal for placing glass and accurately positioning steel beams. It is the only compact crane which can lift more than its own weight. This makes it possible for one crane to lower another into an underground space. The C6e is fully electric. With a 60% duty cycle you can run for eight hours with the crane. The crane is recharged in five hours and enables you to charge the crane whilst operating. The modern age electric crane does not lose any speed compared to the older diesel C6 Cranes and is in fact both faster and smoother. The used battery cell is LiFePO4. This composition has many advantages. Especially the safety compared to other Li-ion batteries. The LiFePO4 battery cells cannot ignite or explode during charging / discharging. The battery has a long lifespan and can often be discharged and recharged with minimal performance reduction. This composition is environmentally friendly because it contains no toxic heavy metals. The cell can be exposed to high temperatures. Features and Benefits on this crane included: - Fully Wireless & Radio controlled with a coloured envelope diagram being displayed on the screen when the machine is in use. - Towable behind a 3.5T GVM Vehicle. - Fully Lithium Powered with the option of plugging into a standard 10amp Lead if required - Can fit through an ordinary doorway! - Machine can be operational at 16m within 3 minutes. - Up and Over Reach - Stepless Outriggers meaning you can move the leg into any position within 90 degrees. Also the Outriggers are telescopic and have an additional section to provide extra clearance on steep terrain. - Hydraulically Expanding Tracks - Very Proportional Controls all made from the Radio Controlled Remote. - 211kg Capacity at 13.7m of Horizontal outreach - Led lights for night work on the boom of the machine - Two Speed Drive - 40m Winch Cable rated to 3000kg. Winch speed is at 20.8m/min. The Hoeflon C6e is a fully electric mini-crane with a 3 Tonne Capacity. That means this machine can work silently and emissions free, allowing you to communicate with your team easily and in confined places. In more and more places, this is a firm requirement. Thanks to it's fully radio controlled operation, the Hoeflon C6e can be fully managed when in action by just one person, therefore saving you labour costs when on the job. Thanks to the Hoeflon C6e's impressive reach and compact design, there is not much this little crane can't manage. With all the options included as standard on the C6e, this impressive little crane can reach upto 13.7m and still has an incredible 211kg Lifting Capacity at this reach. This is all made possible thanks to the extendible counterweight at the rear of the crane which weighs upto 580kg and is easily removable without any manual handling required, by the crane itself! What an impressive machine. Not only that, but the Hoeflon C6e's fly-jib can be stored on the machine when not in use and once again just folds back onto the machine with minimal manual handling required. Even with the fly-jib folded back onto the crane, the crane can still be operated and still navigate through tight applications at only 760mm Wide. For more information, feel free to Monitor Lifts or even call us to learn more about this impressive machine! Specifications: Capacity: 3,000 kg Boom outreach: 9.25 m, and 13.7 m with options Hoisting height max: without jib 11.5 m, and 17 m with options Transport dimensions: LxWxH 2.9 m x 0.75 m x 1.82 m Total weight: 2,650 kg, and 2,850 kg with options Boom angle: -5?? to 83?? Boom system: Cylinder and chain system Slewing angle: 360?? Driving speed 1st gear: 1.1 km/h 2nd gear: 2.2 km/h Lithium Batteries Inclination angle driving: 20?? Max stabiliser force: 27.5 kN Ground pressure, driving (approx): 77.5 kN/m?? Extendible, removable ballast: 600 kg Noise: 75 dB Dimensions including winch and jib: 3.14 m x 0.75 m x 1.95 m Fly jib: Telescopic upto: 4.3m Winch: 1,000 kg, 2,000 kg and 3,000 kg Hoisting speed with winch: 20.8 m/min Winch cable: 40m long Extension section: 30?? adjustable Outriggers: position measuring system for steplessly swivelling outriggers Outriggers: Bend, providing great ground clearance. Outriggers: Hydraulically extending stepless Slewing: Continuous Tracks: Non-marking Lighting: Work light on boom and jib Storage box: Extra storage box Speed controller: 900 to 1,700 rpm