Downer QLD asphalt plant approaches commissioning

Image courtesy of Downer

Downer has almost finished commissioning its Amann HRT RAH100 Asphalt plant in Brendale, featuring Australia’s first counter flow hot recycled asphalt (RAP) dryer.

According to Downer, the plant, located in North West Brisbane, will be home to one of the most advanced production facilities in Australia.

The facility has incorporated energy efficient and automated components, allowing it to exceed European standards for similar facilities.

In the counter flow hot recycled asphalt (RAP) dryer, recycled asphalt is fed into a purposed built dryer that uses convection heat rather than a direct flame. This means that the recycled asphalt can be heated to 160 degrees celsius and is not reliant on heat transfer from super-heated aggregates in the same way as standard asphalt plants.

The Ammann HRT plant is therefore capable of producing a 100 per cent recycled asphalt mix or high-quality mixes with 50 to 70 per cent RAP as standard.

Trials have already been conducted at the plant, with the asphalt produced from the trials being used in the pavement which is featured in the entry road to the site.

These trials included the production of 10mm Asphalt incorporating 40 per cent hot RAP addition plus five per cent recycled glass (500 tonnes), a 14-millimetre warm mix asphalt containing 50 per cent hot RAP addition (400 tonnes) and a 20-millimetre asphalt containing 65 per cent hot RAP addition (900 tonnes).

Work is also underway by Downer at a Reconomy facility situated at the same site.

The Reconomy facility, part of Downer’s recycled economy solutions, helps divert waste from landfill by processing, separating and cleaning street sweepings, gully waste, glass fines and non-destructive digging waste into individual components that can be readily reused in established markets.

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