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Downer recognised with international award

rcw-news-downermicrosurfacing-medDowner has been awarded the 2017 International Slurry Surfacing Association (ISSA) President’s Award for excellence for its delivery of the VicRoads state-wide microsurfacing contract.

It is the first time in more than a decade that an organisation outside of the US has won the coveted award.

“Being presented with this internationally recognised Award is testament to the hard work and dedication of Downer’s Microsurfacing team,” said Dante Cremasco, Executive General Manager, Downer Roads Services.
“The team delivered an outstanding outcome in a complex environment, working across 42 locations across three State road authority regions including sites that were technically challenging or had heritage and environmental sensitivities.

Aydin Molokov from Downer (right) receiving the award from ISSA President Rusty Price.
Aydin Molokov from Downer (right) receiving the award from ISSA President Rusty Price.

The projects submitted for award contention are judged on the merits of contract complexity, appearance, schedule completion, customer satisfaction and safety.

“VicRoads were pleased with the high quality and delivery of the contract that was delivered ahead of time and to budget without any safety or environmental incidents,” said Mr. Cremasco.

“We are very pleased to be awarded with the prestigious ISSA President’s Award that recognises contracting achievements that exemplify the highest quality of workmanship and compliance with the best standards of practice.”

The award was presented to Downer at the Annual Meeting of the Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association, the Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association and the International Slurry Surfacing Association in Tucson Arizona, United States.

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