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Downer unveils new asphalt manufacturing facility

Downer unveils new asphalt manufacturing facility

Downer has commissioned a new asphalt manufacturing facility in Launceston, Tasmania.

The $10.5 million facility will be capable of producing products that incorporate a high proportion of recycled products, such as waste glass, soft plastics and up to 30 per cent reclaimed asphalt pavement.


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This includes the company’s Reconophalt product, which has helped to save the equivalent of 9.5 million plastic bags and 2.6 million glass bottles since its introduction in Tasmania in 2018.

The new asphalt plant replaces an existing facility that’s reaching its end of life and is expected to triple Downer’s hourly production rate. The new facility is expected to have lower carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, when compared to the previous facility.

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