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Dr. Rita Leahy to speak at latest Australian Asphalt Pavement Association workshop

Dr. Rita Leahy AAPA National Workshop Series

Dr. Rita Leahy AAPA National Workshop Series

Dr. Rita Leahy will be the Keynote Speaker at the 2015 Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA) National Workshop Series themed on Quality Roads and Fixed Budgets throughout June.

Dr. Leahy, a member of the California Asphalt Pavement Association, will share her 30 plus years’ experience at the June AAPA National Workshop, addressing US pavement and transport related issues at all levels of US Government.

AAPA states: “Joining Rita are some of the Australian industry’s brightest minds in Travis Edmonds (VicRoads), Dr. Nigel Preston (VIVA Energy) and Dr. Erik Denneman (ARRB) joining us on the 2015 AAPA National Workshop Series: Quality Roads, Fixed Budgets. The experts recently joined Rita in the USA for an industry tour and will disseminate findings from cutting-edge road research programs, new construction techniques and equipment advances.”

Rita brings with her timely experience on the subject of delivering pavement design and analysis, design-build-maintain strategies, next-generation asphalt technology and the implementation of new materials and concepts.

AAPA said Dr. Leahy’s expertise on the subjects of US best practice, pavement maintenance and product development will prove crucial to the Australian road construction and maintenance community particularly with Dr. Leahy’s involvement in implementing hot and warm mix asphalt and the Superpave mix design method in the US.

The communication between Australian bodies and their US counterparts through such workshops has already proven beneficial to Australian roads. Dr. Leahy’s perspective and expertise on US road user expectations is set to build upon that progressive relationship.

The 2015 AAPA National Workshop Series: Quality Roads, Fixed Budgets dates follow:

Brisbane – 3rd June

Sydney – 4th June

Perth – 8th June

Adelaide – 9th June

Melbourne – 11th June

Hobart – 12th June

Click here for more details on the Workshop Series.

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