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Dynapac F800 series pavers expand Atlas Copco’s versatility

Atlas Copco’s latest Dynapac asphalt paver series builds upon its established range of road construction machinery and is making leaps and bounds in the realm of versatile equipment design.

Atlas Copco’s latest Dynapac asphalt paver series builds upon its established range of road construction machinery and is making leaps and bounds in the realm of versatile equipment design.With more than 60 years’ experience in the Australian market, global infrastructure equipment manufacturer, Atlas Copco is further expanding its versatile and reliable range of asphalt paving machines by introducing the latest Dynapac series.

In September last year, Atlas Copco Australia released the new Dynapac F800 Tracked paver to the Australian market.

Following that, the manufacturer added the Dynapac F800 Wheeled paver to its product range.

The new 8-foot pavers are designed to complement the manufacturer’s 10-foot highway class range, although with a smooth material flow and high-capacity volume that make it a superior and reliable machine in any contractor’s fleet.

The F800 series has a working width of 2.44 metres to 5.8 metres and paves to 305 millimetres thick. The material hopper can hold up to 12.5 tonnes of asphalt, matching the largest material hoppers available in this class.

The patented Dynapac safe-impact push roller system ensures that shock from bumping the track is not transmitted to the screed. Other innovative features such as chamfered hoppers, dual bar feed conveyors and the world’s thinnest auger chain box help ensure a smooth and continuous flow of material for the best mat quality.

“It’s definitely a unique model in a lot of different ways,” explains Sascha Herks, Atlas Copco Australia National Product Manager.

Mr. Herks says the new Dynapac range stands up to other manufacturers’ models out there in the market. “A major point of difference in the Dynapac F800 series is that it has the same drive and hydraulic components as our 10-foot pavers,” he says. This ensures commonality of parts and as a result, easy maintenance. The oversized hydraulic components generate less heat, reducing fatigue loading and increasingly component life.

The model’s cross-flow cooling system with a hydraulically-driven temperature-dependent variable speed fan significantly reduces noise level, also reducing energy use.

The F800 Series’ state-of-the-art hydraulic components, combined with its six-cylinder, 129 kilowatt Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier 4 Final engine gives the model ample power to tackle a wide variety of job site conditions. The six-cylinder engine puts less strain on the engine components as a whole and partnered with the ECO mode setting, allows for an economical and smooth approach during paving operations.

The F800 series pavers are fitted with the Carlson EZIV08-15 front-mounted electrical screed. The simple-to-use load-sensing hydraulic system consumes less power and provides a quicker response to varying widths and slope changes when paving.

Mr. Herks says that new Dynapac F800 series’ electronic control system provides a simple but effective approach to machine operation. “The layout is self-explanatory and makes it a simple process for any operator,” says Mr. Herks.

The paver’s electric, high velocity fume extraction system is a key feature for operator safety and working conditions. The system draws fumes from the conveyor tunnel and auger chamber away from the operator, along with the engine exhaust. The process also cools the engine exhaust when it passes through the twin exhaust stack.

The combined exhaust and fume stack is positioned to provide comfortable working conditions for the paver and screed operators. It is also a standard on all Atlas Copco machines to help improve operator working conditions.

Upkeep and maintenance on the Dynapac F800 series is made easy thanks to the model’s focus on maximum uptime with simplified service concepts.

The hydraulic system is fitted with redundant circuits, manual override and quick connect test fittings to ensure quick pressure tests on all hydraulic components when needed, keeping the paver running and spillage-free.

The paver’s Tier 4 Final engine reduces exhaust emission of particulate matter and nitrous oxides by 90 per cent. Noise is reduced through the use of the hydraulically-driven temperature-controlled cooling fan.

To find out more about the Dynapac F800 Tracked and Wheeled asphalt pavers, contact Atlas Copco Australia.

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