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Dynapac-ing in project value

The Dynapac pad foot rollers are ideal for preparing sites.

When it comes to compacting soil, Dynapac provides some of the best machinery on the market today. We spoke to Tracc Civil in Western Australia to see how Dynapac supports their business.

Tracc Civil is a civil engineering construction company. It completes all projects in-house through its different divisions of road construction, bulk earthworks, wall construction, and in-grounds divisions. The medium-sized contractor prides itself on retaining its ‘family feel’.

Frank Janssen has been working for Tracc Civil for over ten years. He’s been in civil engineering since he was a child.

“My father was a Project Manager for Malavoca, and I joined him from a young age,” says Janssen. “Most of the staff at Malavoca eventually ended up at Tracc Civil, and I’ve been part of the company ever since.”

Tracc Civil uses its organisational and management capacity to complete the contracts it undertakes following the requirements of its clients. Its established systems provide value for money with respect to risk management, project control and quality assurance. This is reflected in how Tracc Civil deals with its customers.

“We like the projects where we can negotiate with clients for long-term work,” he says. “We want to work with the clients and the engineers. Many of our projects are for construction only, but we like discussing savings in design strategies. It builds on our expertise around long-term strategies. As a company, we do not just focus on the three-month project but would rather develop a five-year project.”

Tracc Civil has developed an excellent reputation as a specialist civil works contractor. It needs the right equipment in the right place to achieve its project goals. This is where Dynapac comes into play.

The reversible compactors from Dynapac have been a huge success for Tracc Civil.
The reversible compactors from Dynapac have been a huge success for Tracc Civil.

Packing in Dynapac products

Dynapac CEA distributes asphalt rollers, soil rollers, static rollers, light compaction, compact pavers, city pavers and large pavers. It supplies a diverse range of equipment to many industries, including construction, agriculture, government, and civil works.

“We got the first of our Dynapac products about three or four years ago,” says Janssen. “The COVID pandemic forced us to look beyond our traditional suppliers. Dynapac came up with the right products at the right time and the right price. That certainly helped us enormously, and we have never looked back.”

He believes the rollers and plate compactors Tracc Civil purchased from Dynapac have been fantastic. It’s led to a long-term purchase arrangement.

“We really like the plate compactors,” Janssen says. “We’ve done a deal that sees us buy two DRP45DX reversible plate compactors every three months. It keeps them replenished, and we can maintain them with ease. No other supplier had stock, and certainly not at the right price point. Dynapac has kept its prices steady, and that has helped us.”


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Reversible compactors

The Dynapac DRP45DX reversible plate compactor weighs 460 kilograms and delivers 60 kilonewtons of impact force. This reversible plate compactor has a maximum working speed of 28 metres per minute.

“It’s just a consistent machine,” says Janssen. “We use them for our service trenching and backfilling retaining walls. We have 18 of these machines, and they’re fresh. Their consistency makes them highly economical.”

With an adjustable lever and steering height, Dynapac reversible plates are ideal for simple and precise handling. Extreme conditions are easily dealt with thanks to their rugged design and all-around hard shell. The operating hour meter makes this machine operator friendly. 

“These have become the workhorses of our projects,” he says. “We get two every three months, and we can look after each of them while keeping as many working on project sites as possible.”

The larger model is the DRP70D. With a higher weight and more power, Tracc Civil uses their DRP70D differently.

“The DRP70D is great for larger areas,” Janssen says. “We use this for backfilling behind big retaining walls. We also use them in projects where we need to cover a larger area quicker. For those bigger projects, the 70D fills the gap just how we want it.”

Frank Janssen has been at Tracc Civil for over ten years.
Frank Janssen has been at Tracc Civil for over ten years.

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Dynapac also offers vibratory soil compactors. Tracc Civil owns a CA2500PD and two CA3500PDs. They are both medium-heavy vibratory soil compactors designed for long working days in demanding applications. All types of base courses and reinforcement courses can be compacted to considerable depth.

“Across the industry, they are also known as pad foot rollers,” Janssen says. “These are highly economical machines as well. Most pad foot rollers get beaten up pretty quickly just because of the environment they are working in. We wanted something robust and found that in the Dynapac range.”

One of the challenges Janssen has found is working in the clay-like soils in the Darling Scarp. 

This is an area that runs from Armadale, southeast of Perth, to Muchea, a small town north-northeast of Perth. It significantly differs from the mostly sandy soil throughout the greater Perth metropolitan area. But this doesn’t phase the team at Tracc Civil.

“There’s a lot of clay projects that we work on,” he says. “However, the pad foot rollers help us complete these projects. It also works the other way when we are dealing with sites that feature a lot more rock than usual for Perth. 

“Both models of the Dynapac pad foot rollers are fantastic for what we do.” 

This article was originally published in the October edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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