Ecologiq develops map of Victorian suppliers of recycled and reused materials

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Project teams and contractors will benefit from a new interactive map that pinpoints the location of Victorian suppliers of recycled and reused materials for use in transport infrastructure projects.

Ecologiq has developed the new supplier map to connect those delivering major transport projects with locally based recycling and reuse businesses.

Ecologiq Director Tony Aloisio said the map made it easy and efficient to source suppliers who manufacture products and materials that meet current standards and specifications and are close to project sites.

“It is a bespoke directory to help transport infrastructure projects meet the requirements of the Recycled First Policy by optimising the use of recycled and reused materials. This will ultimately lead to a greener transport infrastructure future,” Mr Aloisio said.

“I encourage all project teams and contractors implementing the Recycled First Policy on their road or rail projects to take advantage of the tool and save themselves precious time and source approved local materials.”

Zooming into a location pinpoint shows the suppliers’ details. For example, a steel and building products manufacturer shows its various locations across metropolitan and regional Victoria, while a regional-based manufacturer that uses recycled plastic to produce bollards, decking and composite railway sleepers can be found in Mildura. Suppliers of recycled aggregates including concrete, brick, rock, and glass can be found throughout the state.

The map can be accessed by contractors and project teams working on Victorian transport infrastructure projects and will be populated with suppliers located in Victoria, and NSW/SA border communities utilising Victorian waste streams.

Suppliers are mapped by location in Victoria, with the details of each supplier’s capabilities clearly listed alongside contact details.

Businesses included on the map supply recycled and reused materials and products suitable for road, rail and ancillary applications such as carparks, shared user paths, piping and green spaces. Some included suppliers manage associated resource recovery, recycling and material processing services.

“We’ve made it simple and easy to use, so users can source suppliers of materials they know they need and discover innovations they didn’t know existed. This will help keep tonnes of materials out of landfill and in circulation, contributing to strong markets for recycled materials and a circular economy for Victoria,” said Tony.

The map can be searched by material or supplier across Victoria to find resources nearest to a project. It also allows users to filter by application category.

The Victorian Government’s Ecologiq initiative aims to integrate recycled and reused content into every corner of Victoria’s $80 billion Big Build, by incorporating waste products wherever possible.

Ecologiq is working closely with the construction industry to remove barriers to the use of recycled content, make sustainable materials the first choice where possible and pave a greener future for Victoria.

The initiative is also working with the Department of Transport to review and change the approach to technical standards and specifications for recycled and reused materials, as well as identifying priority materials for specification changes and type approval.

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