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EME2 developments, how far have we come?

The 2023 Industry Technical Panel Event was well attended.

The Australian Flexible Pavement Association’s 2023 EME2 event showcased opportunities in EME2. Key speaker Dr Erik Denneman explains the importance and success of the event.

The Australian Flexible Pavement Association recently conducted the Industry Technical Panel Event 2023, focusing on EME2.

Held at the Waterview In Bicentennial Park, Sydney, the event saw an interactive discussion with experts in EME2 technology from across industry around the latest in materials and mix design, manufacturing and placement best practices, pavement design and case studies, Transport for NSW specifications and a Q&A session for attendees.

Dr Erik Denneman, Global Technical Manager – Puma Bitumen was one of the keynote speakers. He says the event allows industry and government to crucially stay up to date when it comes to sustainability and innovation.

“This session was one of many that we’ve done over the years. The technology has been very successful in Queensland, but we always intended on this being a national initiative,” he says.

“We’re starting to make inroads and it’s great to see because the savings [of using EME2] are tremendous. You’re talking about 25 per cent material savings in particular pavement structures.”

Denneman says the main aim of the Industry Technical Panel Event was to get the “word out” and shed more light on the knowledge gained and practical experiences over the last year.

Paul Morassut, Technical & Innovation Manager, Infrastructure Services Eastern NSW – Fulton Hogan presenting at the AfPA Technical Panel Event.
Paul Morassut, Technical & Innovation Manager, Infrastructure Services Eastern NSW – Fulton Hogan presenting at the AfPA Technical Panel Event.

He adds that such presentations and discussions also aim to further support the use of EME2 as a more cost-effective technology, in comparison to conventional asphalt.

“The technology has now been here for more than 10 years. There’s been savings shown over and over again and these are undisputed. It’s really important to get the whole industry on board, especially across the consulting fraternity, and get the product specified,” he says.

“It’s really an awareness session.”


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Denneman hopes that awareness for EME2 can increase on a national level.

“We know from experience that once you start using EME2, nothing else stacks up in terms of cost and material use. The cost savings are significant,” Denneman says.

“It’s still a real journey, but EME2 can’t be underestimated in terms of its sustainability impact. We talk about reduce, reuse and recycle. There’s a reason why we reduce is mentioned first, because real sustainability comes from reducing the amount of material used. Recycling is of secondary importance.”

Dr Erik Denneman was joined by other key leaders in the space, presenters included Trevor Distin (Technical & Marketing Manager – COLAS), Paul Morassut (Technical & Innovation Manager, Infrastructure Services, Eastern NSW – Fulton Hogan) and Sean Dorahy (Pavement Manager (Asphalt Technology) Transport for NSW).

Denneman says that this AfPA initiated event and other similar seminars are “absolutely critical” is supporting wider adoption of such technologies.

“These events have always been popular; it was really well attended again. Events such as this one are key in rolling out technology like this,” he says.

“I think it was one of the great success stories for the industry and the association.”

Further Industry Technical Briefings are scheduled concern Crumbed Rubber in August 2023 and Warm Mix Technologies. 

This article was originally published in the August edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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