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FAE BL0/EX forestry mulcher for two to four tonne excavators

FAE BL0/EX forestry mulcher for 2 to 4 ton excavators

Material supplied by FAE 

FAE has introduced the new BL0/EX forestry mulcher for two to four tonne excavators, bringing Bite Limiter technology to even the smallest excavators.

The BL0/EX is one of the smallest fixed-tooth mulchers on the market, capable of shredding light vegetation, shrubs, and trees up to 8 cm in diameter.

It can be used for vegetation maintenance along roadsides, railroad tracks, canals, rivers, and lakes, for managing and protecting wildlife habitats, and for maintaining commercial green areas and sporting grounds.

The head is designed for high-productivity, durability, and easy maintenance.

Bite Limiter technology is ideal for high-productivity vegetation management, designed with reliable and efficient shredding in mind. The rotor with Bite Limiter technology comes with special wear-resistant steel profiles that limit the reach (bite) of the teeth.


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This reduces power demand and promotes a consistent working speed, ensuring excellent performance when mulching any type of wood. Bite Limiter technology also minimises rotor stalling and optimises fuel consumption.

The BL0/EX’s Direct Drive motor minimises maintenance and enables a more compact body size for better manoeuvrability. The head’s clean profile and compact design are also made possible by the hydraulic block with a flow regulator valve built into the motor, along with the thumb bracket in the frame.

The new BL0/EX can be equipped with BL/MINI blades or C/3/MINI teeth and is available in two working widths: 56 and 80 cm.

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