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Federal, state funding to support QLD flood-affected infrastructure

Federal, state funding to support QLD flood-affected infrastructure

A new recovery and resilience package from the Federal and Queensland governments will provide $119.1 million to assist communities affected by the floods across the northern and central regions of the state.

Of the $119.1 million, $100 million will be used as part of a Betterment Fund to rebuild and increase the resiliency of infrastructure across impacted LGAs. The package will build upon previous assistance, and will support infrastructure reconstruction and long-term community, economic and environmental recovery.

The remaining funds will be divided between a $15 million Environment Recovery package for environmental investigations, the clean-up and recovery of waterways, biodiversity and invasive species management, and national park recovery.


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A $2.2 million Human and Social Recovery Package will provide community recovery and resilience in Burke, Doomadgee and Carpentaria LGAs, while a $1.4 million Economic Recovery Package will include tourism recovery and resilience investments, and livestock and grazing land recovery.

Federal Minister for Emergency Management Murray Watt said the funding would help communities to get the support they need to rebuild and recover.

“This support will help the North West to recover long-term and be more resilient when we face future natural disasters,” Watt said.

“Considering many of impacted areas were also hit by the 2019 Monsoon event, investment in Betterment – ensuring infrastructure is built back to a more resilient standard – is crucial to better protecting these disaster-prone regions in the future.”

For a full link of affected areas eligible for receiving support from the Betterment Fund, click here.

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