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Fill Up Today: In the pipeline

The Fill Up Today team have big plans for 2024. Image: Fill Up Today.

The Fill Up Today app has made an impact in the industry since its release in late 2023. Roads & Infrastructure Magazine finds out what’s in store in 2024 for the critically acclaimed app.

Touted as the ‘ultimate resource’ for efficient material transport solutions, the Fill Up Today app directly connects drivers with those across multiple industries who need to fulfill their material exports and imports.

Materials management is just one aspect that continues to be improved and developed within the app. Looking ahead, the app is set for new developments in 2024, with on-going upgrades focusing on increasing the growth and efficiency of the application.

Daniel Strahle, Operations Manager at PACG (Patash and Civil Group) and new Product Manager of Fill Up Today says the plan of attack in 2024 is to drive growth and interest, capitalising on the applications strong launch.

“Our main focus will be to drive interest straight through our social channels. We’ll also be looking to use the base we’ve developed in Victoria, which will be another key focus of ours in the first quarter. After that we’ll start to push Australia wide,” he says.

PACG is already well placed in Victoria, thanks to its long-term industry relationships from the civil construction side of the business. 

Another focus, Strahle says, will be nurturing a balance between subcontractors and businesses using the application, to create a consistent supply and demand for materials imports, exports, as well as drivers.

“Ideally, we’d like to have a good balance operationally in terms of those ‘subbies’ versus businesses; that’ll be really important,” he says. “Numbers aren’t really what we’re focusing on, the main thing is having that balance.

“For me personally, I’d love to have a level-based pool across the East Coast, if we could have Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria with a good mix of companies and ‘subbies’ running at the same time, I’d be stoked.”

The Fill Up Today app allows contractors to connect directly with drivers for material exports and imports. Image: Fill Up Today.
The Fill Up Today app allows contractors to connect directly with drivers for material exports and imports. Image: Fill Up Today.

An ambitious outlook 

A key milestone for PACG’s Fill Up Today will be the opportunity to present the application to key industry players at the 2024 Sydney Build Expo, a construction and design show that features more than 20,000 attendees.

Now in its eighth year, Strahle says the expo will present a unique opportunity for PACG Fill Up Today to get the application straight into the hands of prospective users. The expo will also be the first of its kind for PACG Fill Up Today.

“That show’s in early May, so ideally we’ll be able to drive some traction before we head up there and start to introduce ourselves to others in the industry,” Strahle says. 

“It’ll be a case of breaking down the app for attendees and hopefully increasing the familiarity around our logos and the name.”

Jason Paterson, Director – PACG, was the driver behind the initial development and concept of Fill Up Today. He says he’s been humbled by the external and internal reaction to the applications launch.

“My experience and insight from the civil construction and transport industry motivated me to create the Fill Up Today app concept. I noticed a need that was not being addressed by the existing system,” he says.

“One of the biggest achievements for the app and my team was to turn my ideas into reality and launch the app successfully. It was amazing to see my vision come to life in a functional app.” 


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He adds that the focus has now shifted to maintaining the strong momentum that’s already been built around Fill Up Today.

“What makes me thrilled about the future of Fill Up Today in 2024 is seeing it grow naturally,” Paterson says. “[It’s been great to] listen to the positive feedback from various transport companies while exploring the limitless possibilities of different applications that can be moved and tracked using the app.”

Continual improvement 

Hasith Jayatilake, Software Architect – Jeneva, is contributing to the continual improvement concerning the backend of the application. He says that while small fixes are on-going, there’s some big plans in place for 2024. 

“A feature that’s been on our radar for a bit is letting the drivers know if there’s a job where they currently are via a notification. For the drivers, or the operations manager of the companies that they work for, it’d be good to be able to be subscribe to an area and say, ‘if a job pops up, just let us know’. That’s something that we’re nearly done building,” he says. 

“That’s on top of bug fixes and other improvements to the user experience – that’s something that we’re constantly working on as standard fixes.”

Jayatilake says he looks forward to facing the challenges that will come with the growth of the platform, especially for catering a larger number of users across a number of states and territories.

“It’ll be a good problem to have,” he says. “It’s also not something that we’re seriously worried about, as we built the platform in a way that it can scale rapidly to adjust. 

“There’s also a challenge in that the app will house a huge diversity of people who might have different expectations around how they can use it. People from the construction industry and the logistics industry will use it differently, so they’ll have different requirements. 

“We need to consider these different aspects as we grow, but these are also the kinds of challenges that we expect.”

Beyond 2024, Paterson’s long-term ambition for the app is to see it being used in major industries not only domestically, but internationally.

“My long-term vision for the app in the next five to 10 years is to expand to different countries and go global. I also want to create a customised product for each company that targets the top tier of the construction industry. Growing the Fill Up Today team is another major goal,” he says. 

This article was originally published in the February edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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