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Final stage of $18.2M QLD road repair trial set to begin

QLD road repair trial.

The final stage of rehabilitation works will soon begin on the Gore Highway between Pittsworth and Millmerran, in Queensland.

The works will be carried out on a 1.55 kilometre section of the highway between Pump Road and Millmerran Leyburn Road, about 12 kilometres north of Millmerran.

This will be the final stage of a two-year project rehabilitating foam bitumen, used to improve the strength of granular materials while retaining a flexible pavement.

Foamed bitumen is a pavement rehabilitation process that involves injecting small amounts of water and air into standard road-grade bitumen at high pressure. This results in the bitumen expanding to around 20 times its original volume.

The rehabilitation process is expected to improve safety, integrity and longevity of Gore Highway.


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Assistant Minister for Regional Roads Bruce Saunders said the trial will help determine how roads can be repaired and made safer for the future.

“The Gore Highway runs through the Condamine floodplain which makes it difficult to build on,” Saunders said.

“The soils contract and expand with changing weather conditions like floods, so finding the right solution has been challenging.

“We are optimistic this treatment method will prolong and extend the life of the road, making it safer and more efficient for motorists and increasing network capacity.”

The project is being delivered under the National Land Transport Network Upgrades, Roads of Strategic Importance, jointly funded by the Federal and State governments.

Rehabilitation works are scheduled to start in April with completion in 2023, weather permitting.

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