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Findings handed down from Sydney Metro review

Findings handed down from Sydney Metro review

The New South Wales Government has handed the findings from the independent review into the Sydney Metro project, one of the largest transport projects in the country.

The review sought to examine value for money, delivery models, passenger impacts and more.

The Independent reviewers, Amanda Yeates and Mike Mrdak, have recommended that alterations be made to the project timeline and scope following the findings of the review, including an extended expected completion by 2032. This is an extension from the original proposed project completion date of 2030.

Sydney Metro will now complete scoping studies for up to two new stations between Olympic Park and Paramatta along the existing planned route, with a decision made based on their ability to drive greater urban infill housing, in line with recommendations of the Sydney Metro Independent Review.

There will also be an accelerated rezoning of several locations across NSW to enable more homes to be built closer to Metro or suburban rail stations and the relocation of the Rosehill Racecourse to build new homes surrounded by greenspace and potentially a new Sydney Metro West station.


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Another recommendation is for a business case to be prepared to improve bus and active transport connections to broaden the catchment of the existing alignment.

Australian Railway Asscoaiton CEO Caroline Wilkie said the new stations to Sydney Metro West will deliver even greater social, economic and environmental benefits to communities along the Parramatta to Sydney CBD corridor.

“The ARA welcomes the NSW Government’s commitment to enhancing Sydney Metro West as it delivers this city-shaping project,” Wilkie said.

“Having a well thought out placemaking strategy that underpins Sydney Metro West will create sustainable communities with improved quality of life and stimulate local businesses.”

Roads Australia also released a statement, saying it “is encouraged by the NSW Government’s strong focus on integrating transport planning with increased housing supply, supporting place making and high-quality transport connections for communities across Sydney.”

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