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Saferoads’ T-Lok precast concrete barrier is a well-established, versatile system with a range of applications for the wider Australian infrastructure market.

Saferoads’ T-Lok precast concrete barrier is a well-established, versatile system with a range of applications for the wider Australian infrastructure market.Safety equipment specialist Saferoads has been involved in the development, testing and supply of road safety barriers for the Australian market, clocking up 12 years in this specialty product area.

The company has been pivotal in the introduction of barriers such as the Triton water-filled barrier, the Ironman and Ironman Hybrid steel barriers, as well as the T-Lok portable concrete barrier to the Australian market.

These products have found significant success with major contributions to road safety and more importantly, work zone barriers protection and reducing work zone related crash incidents and fatalities.

Over the past 10 years, Saferoads has supplied almost 200 kilometres of temporary T-Lok concrete barriers to Australia, with clients ranging from local government, hire companies, joint ventures and a vast array of small to large contractors.

“This is the equivalent to the entirety of Melbourne’s Monash (M1) Freeway three times over, or the entire length of the Pacific Highway works being undertaken in northern New South Wales over the next three years,” says Trent Loveless, Saferoads National Rental Manager.

“Whichever way you look at it, it’s a significant quantity of barriers and a monumental number of projects that have implemented a positive work zone barrier protection system.”

The T-Lok barriers are manufactured in two sizes: a 5.4-metre barrier and a 3.6-metre barrier. “This gives the contractor some flexibility in treating bends or curves within their work zone or for logistics, manoeuvring product on site, or deployment simplicity,” explains Mr. Loveless.

Saferoads first introduced the T-Lok to Australia in 2006, and has delivered in excess of 40,000 road barriers, or the equivalent of 144,000 tonnes of concrete pre-cast and poured, since.

Mr. Loveless says the product has been widely used and deployed in all states and territories with excellent results during both its range of crash tests and in the field where people rely on it to save lives.

“Saferoads can say that with all of these barriers in use year in year out, we have never had a performance issue or a vehicle penetrate a worksite, which means that the construction workforce is particularly safe when these types of barrier systems are used and deployed correctly in the infrastructure environment,” says Mr. Loveless.

Casey McMaster, Saferoads Engineering Manager, says in the realm of crash testing there is a range of specific criteria that play a part in the successful outcome and eventual approval of a product by the road authorities and the Australian Safety Barrier Assessment Panel.

“Some of these criteria include dynamic deflection, occupant impact velocity, ride down G-forces, redirection of errant vehicles and vehicle stability during impact,” says Mr. McMaster.

For these reasons, he explains that the T-Lok is a sought-after crash protection device, and Saferoads’ ability to manufacture within tight project deadlines and time constraints complements that.

“As we look ahead, crash testing on a global scale will inevitably improve. There are new standards being introduced to the market all the time, including MASH 2016,” says Mr. McMaster.

“The demands of our industry will always continue to challenge our current products, practices and designs and hopefully, as the products being introduced to the markets in years to come will continue to make our roads and work zones within these networks a safer place, more lives will be saved,” he adds.

Saferoads’ T-Lok precast concrete barrier has been used in a number of safety applications, with the large majority of these being deployed in compliant situations.

They have been used on a multitude of M and A class roads, private sites to delineate effectively (especially where heavy vehicles are present) and even in rallies and other private and public motor-racing events.

“In some instances, we have undertaken extensive custom projects where clients have had specific lengths, additional drainage requirements, reinforced fork ports, painted barriers, custom site screens and engineering certification for wind loading of custom taller screens,” says Mr. Loveless.

“Needless to say, the T-Lok Barrier is a barrier that offers great flexibility and adaptability for private projects and offers maximum site safety for public road network project and reduces risks of major contractors and their workforce.”

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