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Flexihire fire up for all

Illuminating project sites is made much easier with Atlas Copco Hi-Light B5+ lighting towers.

Flexihire has been operating throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales for decades, providing high-quality heavy machinery for a range of industries.

Flexihire is renowned for supplying quality equipment. Expertly maintained by its own mechanics and delivered by its own drivers, professional advice is always on hand and everything comes at a very competitive price.

Atlas CEA is a supplier of choice for the Flexihire business, offering a wide range of generators, compressors, and lighting towers to suit a diverse range of applications. Flexihire is committed to providing machinery that is fit-for-purpose across a wide range of sites and applications. 

Ben Hosking is the Sales Manager of Flexihire and joined the company nine years ago. Originally trained as a diesel mechanic, he has found that the industry is constantly shifting.

“There’s never a dull day here,” Hosking says. “It’s always keeping us on the hop.”

The Atlas Copco air compressor is a key part of Flexihire’s business.
The Atlas Copco air compressor is a key part of Flexihire’s business.

Working with Atlas CEA 

Flexihire and Atlas CEA have been working together for decades. The relationship that has been formed between the two organisations has been vital in providing high-quality products from well-respected brands.

“We buy the best of the best in every category that we can. CEA provides a range of respected brands such as JCB, Dynapac, Ditch Witch and Atlas Copco. These are the products that industry wants to work with,” Hosking says.

One challenge for Flexihire is ensuring that they have enough equipment and products that different industries and organisations want to work with. CEA, a leading distributor of world-renowned capital equipment brands, distributes Atlas Copco generators, portable air compressors, and lighting towers.

“The availability of these products is fundamental to our business,” he says. “Not only do our clients want the capital equipment they are used to working with, but also good quality machines, where suppliers can provide the equipment and the parts promptly.”

The extensive range of products available through Atlas CEA has allowed Flexihire to minimise logistics costs and stock a comprehensive range of equipment at each branch. By working with Atlas CEA for multiple product lines, Flexihire can dedicate its resources to servicing its customer’s needs and centralising the requirement for sales and aftersales support.


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Ben Hosking, Flexihire Sales Manager, is developing a close relationship with Atlas CEA.
Ben Hosking, Flexihire Sales Manager, is developing a close relationship with Atlas CEA.

Maintenance is key 

“We need to have good-quality machines that are reliable, with parts readily available. Along with the dealer support network, we can ensure that the machines are not idle in our workshops. We must have the equipment on hand as and when our customers need it,” Hosking says.

“Their equipment is reliable and consistently performs to the highest standards. Their customer service is second to none, and their team is always helpful and responsive. We know that we can rely on Atlas CEA to help us meet our customers’ expectations and deliver the best possible service.”

Flexihire ensures access to reliable and well-maintained construction hire equipment for its customers. With multiple workshops throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales, every workshop can manage its maintenance and repair needs. It also has three major workshops throughout Queensland (Brisbane, Rockhampton, and Gladstone) where more significant repairs can be undertaken.

“Each workshop can do a variety of maintenance and repair tasks, depending on what they are and what the local community needs,” he says. “The three major refurbishment centres are distributed in a way that best covers our entire service area.”

Hosking acknowledges that Flexihire is unique in running so many workshops. By employing mechanics to manage its repairs, Flexihire works hand in hand with Atlas CEA to ensure that the staff across the network have access to the latest technical and parts support. He reiterates that the availability of parts is critical.

“It’s the biggest thing to keep the machines available for hire. It also shows that we are flexible and working with our clients to ensure they have what they want promptly,” he says.

What does Flexihire want from Atlas CEA?

The Atlas Copco Hi-Light B6+ lighting towers have been a recent addition to the Flexihire fleet and have proven reliable and a great way to keep a project site or event well-lit. At the same time, the generators provide hours of power to remote work sites. Atlas CEA supplies Flexihire with a variety of machinery, including air breakers, air compressors, air tools, and generators.

The flexibility that Flexihire offers by providing high-quality Atlas CEA products ensures that it is ready for any market shifts. While the demand from specific industries for Flexihire’s services comes and goes with changes in the economy, Hosking says he’s focused on working with a broad range of industries that can use the equipment he gets from Atlas CEA.

“It means we can adjust our plans. We can go to different market segments and provide them with exactly what they need when they need it. That’s why our clients keep working with us,” he says. 

This article was originally published in the July edition of our magazine. To read the magazine, click here.

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