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Footprint finalised for Caloundra Transport Corridor Upgrade

Caloundra upgrade

The project footprint has now been confirmed for the Caloundra Transport Corridor Upgrade in Queensland.

The 1.6-kilometre corridor is considered an essential route to improve connectivity and travel choice into the Caloundra Central Business District and encourages active and sustainable transport, including walking, cycling, electric vehicles and public transport.

The project footprint includes a new intersection with Nicklin Way by extending Third Avenue.

It will reduce congestion and delays at the Caloundra Road, Nicklin Way and Pelican Waters Boulevard intersection and have flow-on benefits for local roads in Currimundi, Dicky Beach and Moffat Beach.

The design also focuses on improving safety and accessibility for pedestrian and cyclists with new signalised crossings, pedestrian pathways and a dedicated two-way cycle track alongside a low-speed traffic environment.

Extensive community feedback has informed the ultimate design. In response to concerns raised during the initial CTCU planning, Transport and Main Roads and Sunshine Coast Regional Council established a Stakeholder Interest Group (SIG).


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Since late 2022, the SIG has helped represent the interests of the local Caloundra community and has provided valuable feedback to help shape features of the design for the CTCU ultimate project footprint.

The overall four-lane corridor width was reduced during the design process to ensure the park and much-loved fig tree were retained.

The new intersection and road corridor is designed to meet the forecast traffic demand at opening in 2025/26 and over the next 10 years, to cater for our growing population, business and tourism.

Section one early works, including underground service relocations and property demolition, are expected to start later this year.

The final configuration of both intersections for Section two and active transport pathway locations will be confirmed with a final design and construction details scheduled for release later this year (2023).

Delivery of the fourth leg into Industrial Avenue will be subject to available funding once detailed costing is complete.

While the four-lane footprint is now decided, the project delivery authority will continue to work closely with the SIG with further meetings this year to determine other opportunities for the project including community activation and landscaping.

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